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CAT EXPERTS!!!!! please advice, lots of questions....

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mummy2olivia Sun 31-May-09 11:29:42

We got a lovely cat, our first, back in March. She is 18months old and is really lovely although a bit feisty. We work full time so she is an indoor cat in the day and goes out all evening when we get home- the arrangement works well and she seems very happy although we feel it may be best if she has company in the day.

Hence, we are considering getting a kitten as a new addition.

Will the kitten fit into this arrangement ok? And what is the best way to integrate them? We are out all day but my Mum can help out if possible. Also our cat is out in the evenings- how old are kittens before they go out?

bella39 Sun 31-May-09 13:45:27

Loads of good info here:


A kitten would be best as it will not challenge your older cat.

Kittens can go out after they have completed their vaccinations.

Please consider a rescue kitten - the shelters are starting to fill up with kittens now - that time of year!

Good luck x

MikeStand Wed 03-Jun-09 09:51:42

I have kittens and would be very reluctant to leave it alone all day with my older cat. they need feeding very frequently and need lots of contact/handling in the early days to make sure they are well socialised. I am still having to keep older cat and kittens separate (she has just been hissing at them again). Cats are solitary hunters not pack animals and don't really need company. I am hoping mine will tolerate each other eventually. Most vets don't recommend letting them out until they have been neutered at about 5 months. Sorry if that seems a bit negative.

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