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help. struggling with cat insurance don't understand the terminology.....for older cats

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twinklytoes Thu 28-May-09 23:32:37

trying to sort out insureance for our recently rehomed cats from cp.

they are both female and 10yrs old and very healthy house cats.

I want a policy that covers lifelong but keep coming up with only "covers death by illness if under 8yrs at time of illness" - is this normal, do i need this? should I really be bothered?

I know I probably need a policy that isn't limited to 12mths cover from illness / injury but am struggling to find anything that takes their age into consideration.

I want something where I pay excess and 10%/20% of any vet bills for illness or injury plus routine vaccs and dental check up.

please point me in the direction of some recommended insurers. already done online with sainsburys, tesco and pet plan and they all have the 8yrs old rule despite me entering the cats ages!

bella39 Fri 29-May-09 11:27:44

Have you tried Morethan and M & S? Worth looking at them too.

Re death by illness - do they mean the cost of your cat (I never insure for this) or the vets fees?

firstyme Mon 01-Jun-09 13:44:36

You may have a look at this websitePets Insurance Compare
If you look at the left hand side they have tried to explain the terminology related to pets insurance.

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