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Can anyone please recommend some cat insurance?

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stressed2007 Tue 19-May-09 16:33:31

My cats have always been insured - we have not claimed much at all. Pet Plan now wants £15 a month each - that is £30 a month! They are 5 years old. Can anyone suggest a reliable and comprehensive policy for significantly less as I think this amount is ridiculous. Many thanks

waitingforgodot Tue 19-May-09 17:53:58

I have one cat insured with Pet Plan ( I think its Pet Plan-it was through the Cats Protection League. I only pay a tenner a month and we have had a couple of claims. My cat is 7.
The other cat is insured with Tesco and we pay £8 for her.
I think you should call Pet Plan and threaten to leave and see if they can reduce your premiums

firstyme Mon 01-Jun-09 13:38:18

You may have a look at this websitePets Insurance Compare
They have very neatly done all the legwork so it's quite simple to choose.
Hope this helps (maybe you've already taken your pet insurance)

MadreInglese Mon 01-Jun-09 13:39:24

We pay about £6 with MoreThan

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