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Pregnant cat (update)

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PurpleOne Fri 15-May-09 20:30:18

We're still waiting.
Think there's only 3 days left. <eeek>
What are the first signs of labour in a cat?

bella29 Fri 15-May-09 20:48:08

First sign is when she makes herself a bed, shreds paper etc.

This is an excellent website:


Keep us posted!

PurpleOne Fri 15-May-09 21:15:11

I just have to be very careful not to tread on her, as she is always by my side now.
Belly is very low. She's restless and miaows an awful lot, moreso the past couple of days she's been very vocal.
Not seen kittens moving today, but her belly has made waves a few times. I guess the kittens are moving down towards the cervix?
Frequent visits to dirtbox for a dig and scratch. Her behind is getting a little wet too, I guess that's mucous?
Only feeding her little and often snacks now, but she is loving the kitten food we bought her!

We've made her a bed with newspaper, towels and a blanket, but she's ignoring it!

Wish they would hurry up, I can't wait to meet them grin

PaulaAtMummyKnowsBest Fri 15-May-09 22:40:38

once her contactions start, she may get into the box

My cat ignored her box completely until she went into labour. I made the mistake of walking away from her and she jumped out again whilst having contractions. I then just sat with her until the babies had been born.

They are 8 weeks old now and so cute!

PurpleOne Sun 17-May-09 03:30:20

It's now imminent.
LunaghCat has been desperately trying to get into DD1s wardrobe.
Her door is always closed as she has guinea pigs in there, but somehow, LCat got in and made her way straight into the wardrobe....

Still ignoring the box, so have put a few towels down in the bedroom alcove behind all of DD2 dresses that hang there.

Reckon she'll have them by Tuesday at the latest...

northernmonkey Sun 17-May-09 08:55:44

Oh how sweet. I've just had pups and now kittens been born grin
When my cat had kittens she made a nest under the stairs!!! We went to bed one night and when we got up i checked on her and she'd given birth to 7 balls of fluff without making a single sound bless her.

Hope all goes well

PurpleOne Wed 20-May-09 22:10:45

Still waiting...

PaulaAtMummyKnowsBest Thu 21-May-09 18:15:00

any news?

PurpleOne Fri 22-May-09 02:13:52



She's been trying to get into DD1 wardrobe, and making some very strange noises.
Now the kittehs have made up camp again and she's gone back to sleep Millets!
If nothing happening by tomorrow, even if I have my dates slightly wrong, I'm making a PDSA appt just to make sure.
Been waiting too long and all of us are getting anxious and wanting to meet the new arrivals.

PaulaAtMummyKnowsBest Fri 22-May-09 19:08:01

keep us posted


PurpleOne Sat 23-May-09 03:32:13

Right, made the PDSA appt for early next week. LunaghCat, bloody hell, all she is doing is pacing, and making weird noises...then I think things are kicking off....she goes back to sleep.

She is currently hiding underneath DD2's bunk bed where I can't get to her. Surely this must be a good sign?
We are very anxious and waiting here!

PurpleOne Mon 25-May-09 03:16:40

Still nothing!!!
I know the date she got out when she was in heat - it can't be this far out surely?
LCat is very restless, yells and shouts in coherently, but she's not in any pain.
Can still see sporadic moevent in there, and everything has dropped down nicely. Teats nice and red...and all she does is eat and sleep.
Keeps trying to hide, then is back out on the upstairs landing again....

The cat is just so huge now!

northernmonkey Wed 27-May-09 10:12:29

Any news yet?????

PurpleOne Wed 27-May-09 17:22:00

She has them at 3pm today.

One has a paw missing and 2 have no tails, but LCat did so well. Gave birth right in front of us she did.
A litter of 5. 3 black kitties (one with white bib) and 2 lil tabbies!!!

northernmonkey Wed 27-May-09 18:06:42

Ow bless. hope the little ones with the tails, paw missing do well. I love tabby cats. i have one myself. Congratulation on your 5 bundles of fluff. Now let the fum begin grin
I loved watching our kittens growing up. It tore me apart to see them go.

PurpleOne Wed 27-May-09 18:13:04

I rang the PDSA as there was quite a bit of blood. They told me to bathe the paw/tails in very mild salt water and to keep an eye on them.

She just jumped up on DD1s bed, put her head on my lap and started contracting. They were all born within the hour. I think LCat got a bit over zealous with the chewing of the umbilical cords and mistook it for paws and tails.
We have an intact tabby and intact black kitty, the rest are all damaged. sad
Just hope she doesn't reject them.

The hardest part begins now - keeping the DD's away!!!

northernmonkey Wed 27-May-09 19:36:40

How old are your dd's? we had pups 2 weeks ago and my older dc's (8 & 5) tend to leave them be. my ds2 (2.5) just looks in at them once in a while but somehow 'knows' to leave them alone.
Keep an eye on LCat and see if she's cleaning and feeding them. if she's taking an interest in them then hopefully they'l do well. Just get a feeding bottle and some pet milk to hand just in case. We did this with the rnut of our cats litter and he survived fine (although i had huge bags from the 2 hour feeds)

PurpleOne Wed 27-May-09 20:23:43

DDs are 14 and 11.
Went down supermarket to get dinner and a huge pack of kitty food for LCat and she has moved them into a corner of my bedroom.
She is cleaning and feeding them ok. Rang the PDSA back and they said as long as the stumps are bathed, then just to let nature take it's course.

All I can hear is LCat munching down her grub, and little mews and suckles coming from my bedroom!!!

They are adorable

PurpleOne Thu 28-May-09 02:57:14

The really poorly one (no paw an no tail) seems to be getting pushed off as I keep finding it slumped amongst the cushions. Every other cat (even the other one without a tail) seems to have a teat. The poorly one seems to be the loudest shouter too. I know I shouldn't have handled it, but I had one of LunaghCats favourite fleeces over my hand before I picked it up and it seems to be really shouting and not happy.

I stuffed it inbetween her belly in the hope it will get a teat. Rang the out of hours PDSA vet again and they said theres nothing they can do as they can't really be moved and too young for antib's.

I'm off to bed while they are all quiet.

Lunagh did come out earlier for a quick break, to say hello, use dirtbox and just to 'slump' and have brief quiet time.

magnolia74 Thu 28-May-09 07:02:36

Our cat had a poorly kitten who had it's tummy stitched up at 2 days old, we took mum and litter to vets no problem. Pdsa should have offered to look at them sad Hope its ok x

bella39 Thu 28-May-09 08:44:42

Purpleone - it's not your fault the mother is rejecting the kitten - it's just nature and what they do when there is a kitten like this sad

You could try calling your local Cats Protection to see if anyone would be willing to try and hand rear it but tbh it may be kindest not to try. Also call your vet/the PDSA and see what further advice they'll give you.

Best of luck

PurpleOne Thu 28-May-09 15:48:38

Took them all to the PDSA this afternoon. Pawless and tailless first born (moglet1, little girl) was put to sleep.
Rest well in the big field in the sky little one x x


bella39 Thu 28-May-09 15:49:43

It was the right thing to do. How are the rest doing?

PurpleOne Thu 28-May-09 16:08:19

The rest of them are doing superbly, even the one without a tail (moglet2, little boy)
Lunagh is being a fabulous mother.

She hasn't been poos yet though, but the vet wasn't concerned. She's back in my bedroom corner with her brood, panting her head off. I wonder if she's noticed her little baby has gone?

magnolia74 Thu 28-May-09 19:36:28

Awww sad but yes best for her. Sounds like mum is doing great smile will watch out for the weaning and litter traing threads grin

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