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cesar millan- opinions please

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booyhoo Mon 27-Apr-09 20:38:30

i have recently seen a few episodes of the dog whisperer and am vey taken by how quickly the dogs on the show seem to alter their behaviour. now i am fully aware that it is a tv show and perhaps should be taken with a pinch of salt but im interested to hear if anyone uses the same sort of methods for their own dogs.

stleger Mon 27-Apr-09 21:12:42

I tried to calm my bouncing collie with a nifty turn him on his side manoeuvre, and it didn't work! My dog training lady tells me he gets bitten a lot by difficult out of control dogs - she thinks he is a bit too macho and takes on quite scarey cases.

booyhoo Mon 27-Apr-09 22:16:53

yes, he does seem to take on extreme cases rather than basic obedience issue. perhaps his methods are only for dogs with behavioural issues.

stleger Mon 27-Apr-09 22:17:49

I love Daddy Cool the bull terrier though!

bella29 Tue 28-Apr-09 11:20:04

Smoke and mirrors.

stleger Tue 28-Apr-09 13:17:23

OOOOH, that sounds mysteriously wonderful bella!

GrimmaTheNome Tue 28-Apr-09 13:23:29

I've never seen it. But I remember Barbara WOodhouse, who could apparently work wonders with a sharp word and equally sharp pull on the choke chain. I never liked the look of that, I always suspected there was just something about her that dogs responded to and it wouldn't work like that for most people. Maybe the same sort of thing here?

bella29 Tue 28-Apr-09 14:09:27


KingCanuteIAm Tue 28-Apr-09 14:16:26

Have you heard the disclaimer at the start of the show? It is there for a reason, done badly, the things he does could end with real harm (to dogs and people).

I do think a lot of it is that they respond to him a lot of animals respond to certain people well, he is right about being calm and assertive over being frustrated or excitable but that is not magic. A lot of the dogs he works with have been made neurotic by their owners and actually being handled properly by someone in control probably did do them the world of good.

Dog training should be like child rearing IMHO, a mixture of approaches consulted and refered to to give an approach that works for your dog and you, along with a calm and consistant approach with clear and achievable expectations.

stleger Tue 28-Apr-09 19:28:05

Do you remember the channel 4 young lady in leather outfit and sportscar? Dh would like her to come and sort ouur dog out!

booyhoo Wed 29-Apr-09 12:44:47

victoria stilwell i think she was called!! smoke and mirrors bella? im lost!!

bella29 Wed 29-Apr-09 15:57:58

I meant that the programmes are heavily edited and he's not quite the miracle worker he would seem.

Plus there are widespread allegations that he abuses dogs.

Not a fan, as you may have guessed wink

SunshineIsAMiracleCure Wed 29-Apr-09 16:00:38

I'd LOVE to see all the stuff on the cutting room floor

also not a fan

bella29 Wed 29-Apr-09 16:01:42

<high 5 with sunshine>

stleger Wed 29-Apr-09 21:37:19

Yes Victoria. Our dog trainer was less glam!

andirobo Wed 29-Apr-09 21:40:40

Well, he does not train the dogs, he trains the humans, using Neuro-linguistic Programming - kind of changes their mindset and how they deal with their dogs, as their behaviour / mmod and manner rubs off on the dogs - so it is all really simple!

bella29 Thu 30-Apr-09 11:14:39

Is that why he dangles dogs by their collar then?

Please note, I didn't even say check chain, let alone choke chain........grin

booyhoo Thu 30-Apr-09 11:17:21

yes i imagine theres a lot we dont get to see, whats made to seem like half an hour with cesar could realistically be 6 weeks of boot camp at his "rehab centre"

stleger Thu 30-Apr-09 11:20:58

Has anyone taken anything from his 'system' and found it worked? I have a very silly Shetland collie type rescue dog - he has tantrums! I know cesar would come in and sort him in an instant...or would he!wink I think Victoria bossed the men around and got the women to do the work...

themoon66 Thu 30-Apr-09 11:21:22

I find him strangely attractive. I'd roll over for him I think grin

bella29 Thu 30-Apr-09 11:32:03

So you like your men with Botox then, themoon66? grin

themoon66 Thu 30-Apr-09 13:45:04

I did say strangely attracted!

bella29 Thu 30-Apr-09 14:25:35

This is him without the Botox


KingCanuteIAm Thu 30-Apr-09 14:34:17

I have used some of the ideas, things like, distracting a dog before they begin a behaviour and rewarding when they behave in the way I want. Making sure they know I am the boss - not in a "pack" way but in the same way that my children know what I say is a decision they have to abide by.

Stleger what have you tried?

bella29 Thu 30-Apr-09 14:41:36

KingCanute - those are sensible basic rules that most dog trainers follow.

And they (mostly) don't have Botox...wink

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