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How much do cat vaccines cost?

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Confuzzeled Fri 13-Mar-09 16:09:08

I just called my vet to ask and they want £100 for full vaccines as I missed the timescale for boosters. Is that normal?

ZoeC Fri 13-Mar-09 16:10:32

Sounds about right tbh.

MadamDeathstare Fri 13-Mar-09 16:12:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

diedandgonetodevon Fri 13-Mar-09 16:15:12

I don't think that's too far out I'm afraid. Luckily our vets were having a vaccination push when we got our last moggie so we got a half price deal- might be worth phoning around just in case any of your local vets are doing something similar.

nailpolish Fri 13-Mar-09 16:16:27

ours was on ly £40

Confuzzeled Fri 13-Mar-09 16:19:29

£40 is allot less than £100, is there no set standard or do they just make it up per area? Grrrrr, I'm so angry at myself for missing the booster.

GetOrfMoiLand Fri 13-Mar-09 16:20:21

Ours was £40 as well.

ZoeC Fri 13-Mar-09 16:21:24

Would depend if it's for just the cat flu or the leukaemia one as well. Boosters are about half the price roughly.

newpup Fri 13-Mar-09 16:34:16

Ours cost £40 for the booster each year. We moved house 2 years ago and I had let her vaccinations drop as my neighbour fed her when we were away and I did not use the cattery (they insist on vaccinations)We moved and needed to use a cattery so had to have a whole course of initial vacs, that cost £60. Now have a booster every year as we use the cattery, several times a year.

charlie1000 Fri 13-Mar-09 16:55:15

I've just had my 2 kittens vaccinated and it was approx £90 per cat. The booster is £40- £50 (not exactly sure). It's gutting when you miss the time scale. Do they not send you a reminder in the post?

Confuzzeled Fri 13-Mar-09 18:01:50

We moved, thats why I forgot, silly silly silly me

beautifulgirls Fri 13-Mar-09 21:34:24

You might like to call a few local vets and see what others charge. There can be a variation locally so shop about. £40 sounds a reasonable price for one vaccine, so double for a course usually.

Valkyrie2 Sun 03-Jan-10 20:32:01

Im going to get a cat for my birthday and I really dont know how much they cost or which kind of basis do they get them, my auntie has a cat and she says they're £50 and my (adult) friend has two cats and he says they're about £15 each cat...

Does it depend if they're a kitty or a cat???


rosiefean Sun 03-Jan-10 21:07:11

I was told it'd be £30 for each of my two cats when they missed their jabs. We have "vaccination for life" from Vets4Pets but you have to pay if they go even a day over 12 months. DP argued the toss with the vet, after buying some extras like worming tablets and flea treatment, and she waived it. I would have died if they'd charged £100 for each cat!

Valkyrie2 I used to volunteer for a cat rescue charity who charged £60 for each cat/kitten which included vaccinations, microchipping, flea treatment, worming, 6 week's free insurance and some other stuff. Before going to a pet shop check with local charities to see what they charge & what you get - from a pet shop you'll pay for the cat and then will have to pay extra for all that stuff. And there are loads of unwanted cats and kittens out there, no need to encourage breeders to make money out of producing more.

frostyfingers Mon 04-Jan-10 11:18:59

My cat missed her vacc due to being pregnant - we moved vets and when I took her in to be re vaccinated he said that there was a period over the official 12 months that the cat would still be protected and that the booster injection could be administered - he would allow for 2 months over - so if you're within that ask the vet.

Unfortunately we were not and have had to start again, paying £36 for the initial injection and the booster, fantastic value, but we are in the sticks and it's one of the things that is cheaper round here!

DontCallMeBaby Mon 04-Jan-10 11:40:56

Got out vet's price list out ... booster would be £30 each, and full kitten course is £55.

beryljinker Mon 04-Jan-10 12:49:48

Mine was £50 for the full vaccinations aged 12 weeks. £100 sounds quite pricey to me, I'd ring around a few vets which is what I did, as some were asking a lot more.

midori1999 Mon 04-Jan-10 14:33:11

I would look for another vet that a) wouldn't rip you off, and b) was a bit more up to date with their vaccine information and didn't try to tell you you needed the full course again...

It is likely your cat is protected even without the booster (maybe for years, maybe for life) so the booster alone is enough, you do not need the course again. In fact, the only reason we have a course in the first place is that it is likely the mother's immunity affect the first kitten vaccine. If we vaccinated later, we'd only need ne.

Of course, vets need to stick to what vaccine maufacturers tell them to do, but not all vets use the same manufacturer. Shop around.

And £100 is a riiculous amount! My vet charge £30 for a course of kitten vaccines, and in fact, the same for a booster. Most vets charge the same for both.

madusa Mon 04-Jan-10 18:45:44

do you have a medivet near you? They are really cheap for jabs

Sairakhan Tue 20-Sep-16 17:12:51

I am going to have my new kitten vaccinated on the weekend but have read a lot of horror stories about the side affects after affects etc , please could someone advise me are these safe because I am having second thoughts

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