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Norwegian Forest Cats

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dejags Fri 15-Apr-05 19:05:27

Just had to tell somebody - my two little girls (aged 12 weeks) are coming home tomorrow.

Anybody else got this breed?

BubblesDeVere Fri 15-Apr-05 19:19:08

No, I don't have this breed, but i do have 2 british shorthair which to me are gorgeous.

I'm going to have a look for a piccie of these.

BubblesDeVere Fri 15-Apr-05 19:20:56

are yours like this beauty?

JanH Fri 15-Apr-05 19:22:44

awwwwwwww (in Scandiwegian, surprisingly, so no useful inf!)

A friend of a friend has one - any help?

incognito1 Fri 15-Apr-05 19:26:51

they are like maine coons we used to have 1 but it got run over I now am thinking of getting another looking at these pics GORGEOUS

BubblesDeVere Fri 15-Apr-05 19:34:06

Curling up to my british shorthair in bed is divine, i bed cuddling up to one of these is heaven.

Dejags, are they friendly cats?

dejags Fri 15-Apr-05 20:11:57

they are like Jan's picture. Ultra friendly, almost dog-like in personality.

I CANT wait. Will post a pic under member profiles tomorrow.

the breeders' site is here

lunarx Fri 15-Apr-05 20:24:15

dh had one a few years ago and loved her. she had an independent personality and loved the outdoors, but would be cuddly when she wanted to be!

lunarx Fri 15-Apr-05 20:24:16

dh had one a few years ago and loved her. she had an independent personality and loved the outdoors, but would be cuddly when she wanted to be!

dejags Mon 18-Apr-05 19:08:35

my girls are home and have settled in so well. They are gorgeous, unfortunately our camera batteries have died so I don't have a pic

They are already curling up on our laps in front of the telly and following us around. They really do have dog-like personalities.

love em, love em to bits

NomDePlume Mon 18-Apr-05 19:15:38

My ex's parents had one, they also had a blue & a red maine coon too. Gorgeous and really big !

NomDePlume Mon 18-Apr-05 19:17:03

I have a British Shorthair too, Alfie.

dejags Mon 18-Apr-05 19:30:38

well as I am unlikely to ever have a human baby girl I went with real girlie names - Bow and Blossom.

Will report back next week after my house, furniture and curtains have been destroyed by the babies

JanH Mon 18-Apr-05 21:02:46

They sound gorgeous, dejags - hurry up and get some batteries!

cod Mon 18-Apr-05 21:03:56

Message withdrawn

cod Mon 18-Apr-05 21:04:09

Message withdrawn

PuffTheMagicDragon Mon 18-Apr-05 21:06:26

I did have a Norwegian Forest Cat (he went to heaven a while ago). He was the fluffiest, cuddliest, purriest pusscat I ever had. Wonderful, wonderful cats.

cod Tue 19-Apr-05 19:32:46

Message withdrawn

iota Tue 19-Apr-05 19:34:36

they are gorgeous - my mum's neighbours have got one and he's lovely

cod Tue 19-Apr-05 19:35:04

Message withdrawn

oatcake Tue 19-Apr-05 19:42:43

NOW I'm feeling broody!

dejags Tue 19-Apr-05 19:59:51

just checked and camera quite dead - look here for kitties who look similar to ours. Ours are black tortie queens.

I just can't get over how friendly these cats are, these babies follow us around and just want constant attention and love.

Did have to clean up 3 poos and a wee today though

FrenchGirl Tue 19-Apr-05 20:05:44

am not a cat person but even I will admit they look gorgeous! My brother and his family have got one of these , apparently he behaves like a dog too!! and is really adorable.
i prefer my Lakie

PuffTheMagicDragon Tue 19-Apr-05 20:08:50

omg, FrenchGirl, we had a British Blue (that's what they are I think). He was adorable too - huge fella, with the shiniest, glossiest grey coat you ever saw.

I miss my pussies .

dejags Tue 19-Apr-05 20:09:22

Funny coincidence FG - the breeder we got our cats from had one litter of these - she called them Brits I think. We were really undecided as they are also gorgeous, we ended up choosing ours because the one she had left was very timid and probably not great with kids.

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