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Has anyone bought a puppy when they aready have cats?

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swiperfox Thu 14-Apr-05 18:48:24

DD is desperate for a dog. We have two 2 year old cats, and am wondering if we get a tiny enough puppy will they get on or am i just asking for trouble?
We are thinking of getting a labrador.

While i'm at it does anyone breed labs?

Milliways Thu 14-Apr-05 18:56:16

I intended to get ours in that order, but when last dog died, DH got another puppy before we could get kittens, which I think is the harder way (tiny kittens competing with great big GSD).

My SIL has 2 older cats & got puppy last year. The cats bossed it around until it grew, but they all get along now - (as do mine).

It takes patience and "Supervised visitation", but go for it & have fun.

PS - I do NOT envy you a Labrador chewing everything!!

tiptop Thu 14-Apr-05 19:07:30

My cat was about 3 years old when I brought our border collie pup aged 10 weeks home. I think at the beginning the cat had the upper hand and everything was fine, but now the dog seems to be a bit jealous and occasionally she gives the cat a little nip. She gets scolded for it, of course. The cat tries to overcome the problem by keeping out of reach.

There are a few labradors living around here and they don't seem to be easy dogs to have. One barks lots and escapes frequently. One escapes frequently but is very friendly and can be caught by various neighbours and brought home. One is a big lump, stands on your feet and is very fussy. Another one, on the other hand, is old, deaf and is a gem.

suedonim Thu 14-Apr-05 22:37:29

We've introduced two pups (at diff times) to adult cats and not had any bother. Actually, the cats rather like having something so small to beat up!

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