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Just traumatised my poor Guinea Pigs! please tell me they'll be ok

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StayOutOfTheLight Sat 28-Feb-09 15:21:20

So I was moving their cage from one room to another when all of a sudden, the bloody catches gave way and the 'tray' floor came away from the cage shock the poor babies went crashing to the floor. They were covered in hay and woodshavings and they looked terrified.

I cuddled one of them for a few seconds and he was shaking and squeaking.

I've now settled them into the other room and they're still shaky and wary although are sneaking out of their houses for food (but running back to safety every few seconds)

I know they can quite easily suffer heart attacks etc, will they be ok? sad

chuckeyegg Sat 28-Feb-09 17:51:30

Hope they are okay and you. Sending you a big hug, sounds like you need it.

grouchyoscar Sat 28-Feb-09 18:05:49

bleep bleep, chunter chunter and big piggy hugs to your babies

chuckeyegg Mon 02-Mar-09 08:22:39

Are they okay? Hope everyone's well.


silver73 Mon 02-Mar-09 08:27:25

Oh poor you - I hope they are ok. Maybe give them some more cuddles? I have to put ointment on one of my piggies and she starts shaking so I wrap her up in a towel and cuddle her for about 10 mins which seems to do the trick.

LucyEllensmummy Mon 02-Mar-09 08:30:27

They will be fine, best to just leave them alone to get over it. Are there any food treats they particularly like? Food treats always work for me grin

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