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Guinea pig advice please - problems.

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smurfgirl Wed 18-Feb-09 23:06:40

We have three boy pigs that live together - pretty happily with a few scuffles.

But in the past week or so one of my boys has had a few cuts on his mouth sad it was swollen but its gone down down - there seems to be 3 separate injuries (happened at different times). He is not bothered at all, he can eat, he doesn't mind us touching them but his poor poor little mouth.

Do we need to split them (we knew this was always a option)? Or leave it as he seems ok in himself?

Fleurlechaunte Thu 19-Feb-09 11:23:24

I would split them. Male guinea pigs ime do not live happily together the older the get. I would get a seperate cage and put it next to the others so that they still have company but he is not getting hurt. Poor old thing sad.

pigsinmud Thu 19-Feb-09 11:44:55

I have 2 male guinea pigs. Been together since a couple of months old and then suddenly when they were coming up to a year one of then started to appear with injuries. Ended in a serious cut which needed to be stitched. They are now apart - flats above each other. Today they are out in seperate runs chatting to each other through the wire!

The vet said that sometimes males can be reintroduced when they are older, but we shall see how that goes. There was no chuntering and bottom wobbling today - just chatting.

smurfgirl Thu 19-Feb-09 18:08:16


There is a LOT of bottom wigglying going on. Hmmmm. They have been together since they were babies yes.

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