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cat needs a new home!

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vicimelly Tue 05-Apr-05 15:06:06

I posted a while ago about not being able to take my cat with me when I move, Maisystar had wanted to adopt her for me, but neither of us drive and she lives too far away from us, so we can't get her there!
I really want her to go to a good home, I'm moving house on the 16th and I hate the though of putting her in a rehoming centre
If anyone would like to offer her a nice new home, and is able to come and pick her up that would be wonderful!

She is black and white, two years old, and slightly mad! lol
She's neutered, had all of her injections and is mocrochipped.

She is lovely, a bit of a scaredy cat! has been known to be afraid of her own shadow! lol, but has slowly learned to tolerate my 4year old dd! she doesn't automatically run at the sight of her any more! So she should be absolutely fine with children, and she's very loving, always wanting to be stroked and cuddled

Oh and We're in Liverpool!

georginars Tue 05-Apr-05 15:15:25

Oh no! Alternatively, maybe someone could offer to transport her to Maisystar for you? I'd do it but I'm in London (and wrote my car off a few weeks ago). Anyway, I wanted to bump this up for you - I'd hate to have to give up one of my cats.

vicimelly Tue 05-Apr-05 15:18:20

Thanks georginars, We did try that, Maisystar and I had a thread asking if anyone did the journey and would mind taking the moggy, but there doesn't seem to be anyone

Prettybird Tue 05-Apr-05 15:22:06

You can put cats on trains and send them that way.

I did that years ago when I sent my cat from Bolton to Glasgow (to my parents). Had a good quality cat basket - and when my parents picked him up, he was the centre of attention.

it's such a long time ago, I can't remember quite what I did - I think it was "Red Star" - maybe there is an equivalent? It would cost you - but that might be preferable to putting her into a re-homing centre.

vicimelly Tue 05-Apr-05 15:25:14

Thanks Prettybird! I would never have thought of anything like that, I'll look into it

georginars Tue 05-Apr-05 15:25:46

oh bum vicimelly, should have realised you'd already have thought of that! I really wish I could help (I'm very soppy over cats). Someone in Liverpool must want a cat!

vicimelly Thu 14-Apr-05 18:23:17

Just bumping this up as I'm moving on Saturday and I still have no home for my moggy!!! I have called the cats protection league and the rspca neither of which have any space to take her, I can't take her with me and am really panicking now about what to do with her!
Please Please Please does somebody want a cute little cat

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