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cats sick every day

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ZolaPola Sun 03-Apr-05 11:56:50

keep finding patches of sick (sorry if you'[ve just had breakfast!) around house - duvets,floors, tables - lovely! been going on for past couple of weeks. Cats are 5, seemingly healthy and on dry cat food. just wormed them in case that's why but worried could be more serious? one cat is also very smelly (though always has had this tendency - farts etc). We've had alot of building work done on the house so this/fumes could have upset them. any other ideas? is it worth taking them to vet??

trefusis Sun 03-Apr-05 12:24:46

Message withdrawn

TinyGang Sun 03-Apr-05 12:26:38

Are your cats a bit nervous? If they are otherwise healthy (might be worth a visit to the vet to check) the building work might be upsetting them.

I used to have a cat that was sick very frequently (then he used to eat it urghh!!).
We asked and asked the vet what the problem was, but it was always because he was a nervy cat and used to gulp down his food too fast. There was no real reason for him to be nervous, but it never took much to set him off. Builders would have had him running for the hills!

Also fur balls can make them sick - perhaps the warmer weather has made them moult? Sympathies though, cos it's horrible to keep discovering little piles of puke!

trefusis Sun 03-Apr-05 13:35:03

Message withdrawn

ZolaPola Sun 03-Apr-05 13:48:42

sensitive creatures aren't they?!! not sure who is being sick - both, just the one? never caught in the act, thank goodness but therefore don't know who's got the problem.

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