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Got to get rid of my moggy :(

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vicimelly Tue 29-Mar-05 16:32:54

I am moving in a few weeks to a flat and I'm not allowed to bring my cat with me
I don't know what to do with her, I hate the idea of giving her to a rescue centre and her being kept in those little cages, but I've advertised and nobody is interested in an adult cat, everyone wants kittens!
Has anyone any good ideas? I'm just at a loss, I am considering just smuggling her into the flat with me

Titania Tue 29-Mar-05 16:34:24

is there a member of family who could adopt her for you? that way you could still see her? whereabouts are you? can you find a local home for her?

Newbarnsleygirlsjustinsane Tue 29-Mar-05 16:36:42

Smuggle her in.

hunkermunker Tue 29-Mar-05 16:38:38

Smuggle away Is she a mieow-y cat?

vicimelly Tue 29-Mar-05 16:41:04

Have asked all the family, but nobody can take her. I'm in Liverpool, I really do just want to bring her with me especially as dd loves her so much, but to be honest I think I might get found out! It's a brand new development of flats and there is a general no pet rule on the development, because of the pretty gardens I suspect.

flashingnose Tue 29-Mar-05 16:41:48

Why not advertise her on MN? Someone else managed to rehome two cats on here IIRC. We're a soft lot .

vicimelly Tue 29-Mar-05 16:42:30

She is HM! she likes a good 'chat' lol, she does this strange mieowy type talking when she's sat on your knee! peculiar little animal

vicimelly Tue 29-Mar-05 16:45:29

Ok, does anyone want a gorgeous if a little odd black and white moggy!
Although I must warn she is very good at opening kitchen cupboards, although hilarious to watch, not so funny when you get up in the morning and all of your food is scattered around the kitchen!!

Sponge Tue 29-Mar-05 16:48:01

Almost all flats have no pets rules and they're ignored a lot otherwise no-one living in a city would have a pet. Smuggle her in and see how it goes. If someone complains then you can look into rehousing her.

hunkermunker Tue 29-Mar-05 16:49:49

She sounds adorable! I'd definitely say to smuggle her, then plead ignorance of the no-pet rule. Can she be a housecat? You could take her out on a lead at midnight - could be quite fun!

Newbarnsleygirlsjustinsane Tue 29-Mar-05 16:50:06

How old is she and where are you?

I bet my mum and dad might have her!

Newbarnsleygirlsjustinsane Tue 29-Mar-05 16:51:33

But try and smuggle her in.

Can't you explain to the landlord/lady. It's a bit cruel!

magnolia1 Tue 29-Mar-05 16:52:10

I agree with sponge but what floor will you be on and is she an indoor cat?

If she is used to being indoors then I don't think you will be found out!! Also if you are on the ground floor I bet you will get away with letting her in and out of a window!!

Merlin Tue 29-Mar-05 16:52:54

Vicimelly - I had to get rid of my 2 cats a few years ago. I took them to the Cat Protection League. I was lucky that they were both rehomed within a couple of weeks, the League told me who was having them and where they would be living to make sure I was happy. I know seeing them in the cages is upsetting, but my local branch were really lovely and when I visited all the cats there seemed very content and happy. BTW my two were about 5 yrs old, so not everybody wants cute kittens. After all, like babies they don't stay that way for long!!

Aero Tue 29-Mar-05 16:54:43

Yes - someone else did it on here - Blossom2 re-homed her two gorgeous older cats Ronnie and Charlie with us and it's worked out brilliantly. They were kind of celebs on here for a while!
I'm sure someone will be looking for a cat to adopt. Personally, I would have always gone for an older cat, hate the things that young kittens are known for doing to your house! It's easy to fit cupboard locks on kitchen doors anyway! Good luck.
btw - I'd try starting a new thread to get peoples attention along the lines of 'lovely older cat free to good home'. We all like a happy ending on here, so it's sure to get lots of worthy bumps!

vicimelly Tue 29-Mar-05 19:55:03

She is mainly an indoor cat, but does go for a wander every now and again! the flat is ground floor and I did consider letting her in and out of a window, but the landlady stated very obviously that there were no pets allowed, so I can't really plead ignorance if I was found out.
She's two years old Newbarnsley, and I'm in Liverpool. I might start a new thread to see if someone would like to take her in

maisystar Tue 29-Mar-05 20:03:50

hi vicimelly. i have had 2 cats, one for 12 years who had to be put down and the other for 7 months who was feral and completely mad! killed everything in sight (birds, mice, rabbits, squirrels, ducklings etc etc) and i just couldn't cope with it, so she went to live with one of my friends who could

anyway the reason for my waffling is that ds and i would love another cat but most older cats (from rescue centres) seem to be v intolerant of children, and i am v wary of getting another kitten in case it turns out to be a killing machine like nuala!!

i'm in sheffield and if you think we might be able to discuss us adopting your moggy, please cat me

vicimelly Tue 29-Mar-05 20:49:06

Hi maisystar, I just tried to cat you...I think it worked, but I've never used it before so not sure!!! If you don't get anything from me let me know

Aero Tue 29-Mar-05 23:02:18

Have to say our cats are very tolerant of our kids (7, 4 and 14mths), so am keeping fingers x'd for you vm. Will be lovely if it works out that someone would adopt her for you.

magnolia1 Wed 30-Mar-05 11:26:43

To be honest if you were found out you could easily say it is a stray cat that has adopted you!!!

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