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Cat food query

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FruitynNutty Mon 05-Jan-09 12:58:55

Hi there,

I have been giving my cat (9 months old) Science Plan Kitten food until recently. I have been given some tins of Whiskers which I'd saved as emergency. How much of the tinned food should I be giving her?
It's just until I get around to getting some more Science Plan as there's no where within walking distance that sells it.

I was giving her 75g per day (in the morning) which would last her all day and sometimes until the following morning. Now I give her almost half a tin of Whiskers (can't get any more in her bowl)and it's gone immediately hmm

Also, is there a Kitten/cat food which is just as good as Science Plan? My local Sainsbury's sells the IAMS stuff and also their own brand. Is this just as good as Science Plan?


IAmTheNewQueenOfMN Mon 05-Jan-09 13:01:31

maybe the whiskars just tastes nicer

differentID Mon 05-Jan-09 13:06:15

Iams is fine- we feed a mix of Iams nature's wellness or bog standard or Royal Canin stuff from the vets

purpleflower Mon 05-Jan-09 13:14:56

We feed our 9m cat a tin of tesco own brand a day. She also has biscuits down all the time too. She is not overfed at all and not even very big.

FruitynNutty Mon 05-Jan-09 13:22:24

I just worry about how much to give her as she is very small for her age - I'm sure she will only eat as much as she needs. I've heard cats aren't greedy animals.
My Mum raves about Science Plan which is why I gave it to her (the cat! wink) but it's quite expensive and also I have to drive to our nearest Pets at Home shop to get it which is a bit of a pain just for cat food.

NCBirdy Mon 05-Jan-09 13:24:58

Tinned food has much lower nutrition and energy values so she will need quite a lot compared to the science plan - having said that you will need a lot more of some other dry foods as they are also lower nutritionally than something like science plan.

If you are changing to another food then do it gradually as it could upset her tummy, also, over time we have realised that our cat is allergic to many cat foods (many of them have milk in which he cannot tolerate at all, like many cats) it is worth watching for signs of alergic reatction (in cats this is often scratching more around the face, nack and ears. In bad cases leading to hair loss and scabbing)

AFAIK iams is made by Procter and Gamble and is pretty unethical but is a better quality food than Go-Cat or Whiskers dried foods.

Cats will over eat and they are greedy - some more than others and it usually sets in properly as they get a couple of years older, this is why the manufacturers give you recomended feed sizes.

PinkPoinsettias Mon 05-Jan-09 13:30:14

most cats prefer wet food.

there is dry food on offer here 24/7 but they queue up at the cupboard for tins twice a day and will even come upstairs and root me out of bed in the morning if i'm too slow getting it for them!

there is often still dry available when the wet is put down but the wet food disappears in seconds.

the amount depends on the cat and how much dry food is being given.

when i had 3 adult cats and was using tins i was giving 2 tins a day between the lot of them plus a bowl of dry filled once or twice a day.

for one cat i'd give pouches tbh as they're easier as you don't have to save food in the tin (some cats aren't keen on the second half of the tin... cheeky feckers!)

i'd give one pouch twice a day and give her bots of dry here and there.

IAMS is supposed to be quite good i think, my lot won't eat anything other than red mills dry atm but not sure if you can get that in england.

FruitynNutty Mon 05-Jan-09 14:40:00

Maybe I'll try IAMS then. Is it cheaper than Science Plan?
What about own branded versions of Science Plan/IAMS? Is that any good?
Am I just paying for the name?

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