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Ready to war with neighbour over cat - AIBU?

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pinkyporker Sun 04-Jan-09 17:31:58

We have new (very noisy) neighbours. Today they came to complain that every morning they have to clean up their bins from their garden. Although I bring my cat in of a night, they say they saw my cat at their bin bags today. 10 of us live in the street and in total we have 12 cats, plus lots of foxes as we are surrounded by fields.

I know it's annoying as my bin bags end up all over the floor on bin bag day. Most neighbours have wheelie bins. I told him to get some bins and he said he would need eight as he has five kids. (Bl**dy recycle then)

Since they have moved in, they have drunk themselves silly, had proper fights at 4am in the street (twice) and smashed pint glasses in the street and he tells me WE are being unfair.

I cant teach a cat boundries and I'll get him one bin but I'm not forking out for eight.

What does he expect me to do??
Am I being unreasonable??

differentID Sun 04-Jan-09 17:33:57

are they la tenants or owners? If they are LA then you can complain about their behaviour to them, plus they would supply a bin or 2 for them.

NCBirdy Sun 04-Jan-09 17:37:10

If he wants to leave his stuff out then he has to face the consequences of his actions.

Do not buy him a bin, do not enter discussion apart from saying (once) there are many cats in this area and I can be sure it is not just mine.

Cats are cats, it is bloomin frustrating and I understand his POV, however, he has the option to use a bin just like the rest of us do. If thee were no cats in the area it would probably stillhappen as there are urban foxes almost everywhere.

He is BVU. You are not.

wotuhohohoinat Sun 04-Jan-09 17:38:11

I sympathise - it's a horrid situation, but I really don't see that you should have to buy them a bin.
Where I used to live there were lots of cats and foxes. I had several cats too. I used to get up early on bin day to put my rubbish out to avoid it being ripped open in the night. Perhaps your neighbour could do the same?

BalthazarCandleQueen Sun 04-Jan-09 17:38:55

Ignore the twunt.

beautifulgirls Sun 04-Jan-09 18:50:41

He is being unreasonable - I agree don't buy him any bins at all and just ignore him. You already take reasonable steps to keep your cat in at night - not that you have to. You are not liable here and he is the one that is being unreasonable.

PurpleOne Mon 05-Jan-09 04:50:07

I had this prob with a neighbours cat. I thought it was our mog at first. Bag contents all over the place every morning.

However these days I sit and wait for the cat, armed with a washing up bottle at the windowsill. It's not my mog lol, I've seen the other cat have a party with the duck carcass Boxing Day.
I bought dustbins. It hasn't happened since.
You are being reasonable. He is being VU about it.

DO NOT buy them a bin if you know it's not your cat. Take photos / videos if they want proof. You shouldn't be forking out for something that you / your cat aren't related too.

WorzselMummage Mon 05-Jan-09 08:46:12

what a dick !

We had problems with neighbours cats ripping our bags and our area doesnt have wheelie bins so we got one of those big composting enclosures with a lid and all our bags go in there, we dont have a problem now.

Maybe you could suggest that ? Ours was £15 from asda i think, it takes about 6 bags.

Don't buy it though, its his problem not yours !

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