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Cat keeps weeing on front door mat - nightmare! What to do??

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ElectraInExcelsis Sun 28-Dec-08 12:17:35

Our cat has developed a habit of weeing on the front door mat. She's quite an old cat and we are having great difficulty stopping her from doing it. She has plenty of opportunity to wee outside. My mum has tried an aversive spray on the mat which she bought from Pets At Home, but it hasn't worked!

Anyone have any suggestions?

ElectraInExcelsis Sun 28-Dec-08 12:55:29


dinny Sun 28-Dec-08 12:57:47

hide and wait for her to start weeing then zap her with a water pistol

harsh but effective

ElectraInExcelsis Sun 28-Dec-08 13:02:56

Thanks dinny - this is what I suggested this but she is very crafty and waits til she knows nobody is around. I do think that would work - we will have to catch her.

FriendNeedsHelp Sun 28-Dec-08 13:16:08

One of mine started doing this - it turned out she had cystitis. Could that be a possibility?

She never does it now.

cheerytinselcherry Sun 28-Dec-08 13:18:02

Pile loads of newspaper on the mat?
Then move litter tray on the mat?
Maybe too old/cold to go out, but water infection could be reason too.

ElectraInExcelsis Sun 28-Dec-08 13:21:25

She has had cystitis but has been treated for it and seems to be better...

I think stress is the cause. My dad is very strange and carries her around the house all the time and locks her in the front room upstairs. He will not listen to us that this will do her no good.

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