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desperate for a ginger tom kitten and cannot find one help!

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tiny01 Sun 27-Mar-05 12:50:34

hi there, I am looking for a ginger tom kitten for my mother in law who just lost her 14yr old cat and whos birthday is in two weeks. We have tried pet shops, Battersea cats and dogs home, web sites but have drawn a blank, Dont know where else to go from here. We want to do the home visits and everything to make sure that everything is ok for the kitten, but nobody seems to have a pure ginger tom. Can anybody help? Please????? MY 4 and a half yr old is so excited as our baby no 2 will be born on Tues 29th (two days) so this is also a distraction for him.

tillykins Sun 27-Mar-05 13:05:59

Have the cats home no suggestions?
Try ringing your local vets - ours often have adverts up for kittens, free to a good home

pixel Mon 28-Mar-05 00:33:57

My sister works at a vets in Worthing. I could get her to ask around if it isn't too far for you. Funnily enough I was asked just yesterday if I wanted a ginger tom (owner has died)but he is 6 years old.

Tommy Mon 28-Mar-05 08:58:58

keep looking in local papers - people often have kittens for sale but I think it's just luck as to the colour isn't it?

tiny01 Mon 28-Mar-05 09:27:39

thanks for that info everyone. I will try the vets I cant believe I didnt think of it (doh). She just wants a ginger kitten so the paper would be a bit hit and miss and a 6yr old would be too old she wants a baby. The homes all have answering machine messages so you cant actually speak to someone, or a web site, and there was no ginger kittens on it. I am going in to hospital tomorrow so will have to get my husband on the case (ringing vets)as I will be in for five days (c-section) as her birthday is soon. Pixel if there is one at your sisters work that would be great. We live in Surrey. I am not really sure how far that is away. My geography is terrible and dh is not here at the mo. Thanks

pixel Tue 29-Mar-05 01:30:32

Worthing is on the south coast, West Sussex. I can get my sister to ask Billy Elliot (yeah I know!) at Wadars (Worthing and District Animal Rescue Service)if the vets don't know of any. Or you could ring him yourself 01903 217788 if you don't think you are too far away.

Hopefully you will find a little kitten nearer home but it helps to keep your options open!

pixel Tue 29-Mar-05 01:39:00

Me again! Just looked at and there is a whole list of rescue charities with contact details. Don't know if that's any help.

SoupDragon Tue 29-Mar-05 08:17:07

Cats' Protection League?

tiny01 Mon 04-Apr-05 22:04:11

Thank you for the web site Pixel I will have a look tomororrow. I am just logging on after having the baby last tue and getting out of hospital on Friday, so now I am more setteled I can sort out the kitten. I will let you know how I get on with those details.

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