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how to get car oil from my cat's fur??

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sparklymieow Fri 25-Mar-05 22:14:02

My cat took a swim in a bucket of car oil, that we have left on top of the shed, with a lid on, but it must have broken and he fell in. We have washed him in shampoo twice and washing up liquid once but he is still oily. He is ok in himself, but am worried it will make him ill, so we need to get the oil off him ASAP!! any advice please!!

hunkermunker Fri 25-Mar-05 22:17:27

Can you ring a vet? Poor Mieow's Mieow!

hunkermunker Fri 25-Mar-05 22:19:07

Don't use tea tree oil according to this link

sparklymieow Fri 25-Mar-05 22:19:10

she said to use the washing up liquid, which we did but he is still oily, (and Misdee!! Nemo is a skinny thing with his fur all wet!!)

Evesmama Fri 25-Mar-05 22:20:51

talc???to absorb the oil???

hunkermunker Fri 25-Mar-05 22:21:44

Can you try using washing up liquid again and again until he's clean? Poor cat - how does he like being bathed?!

CarrieG Fri 25-Mar-05 22:21:58

Big ruff made out of cardboard to stop him washing for a day or two, so he doesn't ingest too much oil?

misdee Fri 25-Mar-05 22:22:12

dry his fur as much as possible, then rub soap into the dry fur, then rinse.

poor disco kitty, all skinny.

hunkermunker Fri 25-Mar-05 22:22:43

Think talc may just make a sticky mess stickier - it wouldn't brush out and then he'd ingest car oil and talc.

debs26 Fri 25-Mar-05 22:27:18

dp suggested covering cat in vegetable oil which should mix in with car oil. then wipe off with kitchen roll so you get rid of as much as possible. also that way car oil is diluted if cat does lick it. keep repeating it to get rid of more car oil. alternatively keep going with washing up liquid, that is sort of thing they use to clean birds caught up in big oil spills. poor moggy, bet she will be more careful in future!

Evesmama Fri 25-Mar-05 22:28:37

oops sorry

Snugs Fri 25-Mar-05 22:32:30

Washing up liquid, but very little water. You really have to work it into the fur working tiny areas at a time.
Had to do it to my dog once, (border collie, longish hair) when he knocked a big container of oil off the garage worktop. Took 2 bottles of detergent and hours of painstaking combing

Upside was, his coat was glossy for months afterwards

misdee Fri 25-Mar-05 22:33:53

she has gone to help wash the cat again. if they cant get the pil out the vet has said they will have to shave him. he'll look like one of those 'inside out' cats

Snugs Fri 25-Mar-05 22:37:36


misdee Fri 25-Mar-05 22:40:45

lol snugs

80sMum Fri 25-Mar-05 22:56:24

My cat did this too. Washing-up liquid's definitely the answer. Just keep washing and rinsing him/her till it's gone. May take sveral goes. You'll need a large bottle of the stuff!

suedonim Fri 25-Mar-05 23:09:25

Our white Persian cat fell into a drain for old sump oil once. She had to go to the vet and they repeatedly bathed her in vegetable oil to loosen and dissolve the engine oil. It's particularly important to get it off the paw pads as that's where they are most likely to absorb the nasties.

When our cat came back from the vet hosp she had the most horrible ratty fur, which was now yellow. It was a hot summer that year and she stunk of frying every time she lay in the sun, for weeks! Hope your mog is okay.

hub2dee Sat 26-Mar-05 00:18:56

Blokes in garages use Swarfega Hand Cleanser - a green gel-like product which washes grease off.

Maybe that would be suitable ?

ggglimpopo Sat 26-Mar-05 00:20:26

Message withdrawn

MunchedTooManyMarsLady Sat 26-Mar-05 00:27:42

ah and here also

hub2dee Sat 26-Mar-05 08:17:39

Er..... no.

sparklymieow Sat 26-Mar-05 12:00:13

we put Nemo in the sink and rubbed washing up liquid into his dry fur and then rinsed him, we then washed him again.... he is lovely and clean now....

hub2dee Sat 26-Mar-05 21:25:28

sparkly, is it one week as a non-smoker yet ?

I understand from misdee that you didn't falter and that the cravings haven't been too bad last few days either, so it sounds like the nicotine addiction is over.

Very best luck in continuing your non-smoking choice and in getting dh sorted soon too ! Another user - minkmama was planning to quit this Easter weekend (she's with her folks I think) or early next week, so if you come across her posts, tell her how you've found it and share any tips etc.

Glad Nemo is not looking like an oil rig.

You really do live a colourful life !

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