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RIP Sirius

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sunnygirl1412 Sun 21-Dec-08 15:59:44

After a great night out with the Edinburgh and Glasgow gals (boy can some of them put away the gin), I woke up this morning to find that our 18 month old black cat Sirius, had become very ill overnight.

He had some bladder problems last weekend, but hadn't recovered as we expected from the anaesthetic, but we put that down to the tablets he was on.

This morning he collapsed, back legs not working, floppy and unresponsive, so we took him to the vet who diagnosed severe renal failure and said she'd never seen a cat as ill as Sirius survive, so we had to take the hard decision to have him put down.

He was a lovely cat, who spent time curled up on the duvet or on my hip if I was in bed. I loved him so much and now he's gone.

MrsWeasleyStrokesSantasSack Sun 21-Dec-08 16:01:13

bollockbrainASSofBETHLEHEM Sun 21-Dec-08 16:07:51

sad sad that is so sad . we adore cats in the bollockbrain house and know what you are going through sad

JingleBellaAllTheWay Sun 21-Dec-08 17:20:48

I am sorry, sunnygirl sad

nicm Sun 21-Dec-08 22:43:34

for you. we had to have our beautiful boy put down last week as he had a blood clot. was awful and he was in so much pain we had no choice. felt awful too that he spent his last night in the vets and not with us curled up asleep on our bed. for you. xx

TipsyFairydifferentID Sun 21-Dec-08 22:44:43

I am so sorry for you and your family, especially at this time of year.

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