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Bunnies and Babies

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lunavix Wed 23-Mar-05 20:02:00

We've been offered a baby rabbit but I know nothing about them. We have an 11 month old ds and I'm worried that it might not work - mainly if and when he gets toddler tendencies (ear pulling? etc)

Also know nothing about rabbits - what do they need? Runs? Hutches (look a bit small ime!)

I'd love him to grow up with pets, we're planning on getting a dog next year but since my hamster died before Christmas I've really missed having a pet.

ALso a friend housetrained hers - is that realistic? We're a bit worried about him trying to eat the poo! Obviously they'd be supervised together though!

Allyco Wed 23-Mar-05 20:31:06

I read somewhere (think was in Junior) that rabbits are about the worst pets you can get. they bite, they don't like being picked up (apparently it's inbuilt in them because in the wild birds of prey swoop down and pick them up) they fight kick scratch etc. etc. etc.

Mind you if I remember rightly the article poured scorn on all other pets too apart from chickens (I kid you not).

lunavix Wed 23-Mar-05 20:33:56

Uhr right...

Sadly dp has bird phobia so a rabbit is more likely!

lunavix Sat 26-Mar-05 15:37:33


lunavix Sat 26-Mar-05 15:51:52

cmon someone must have rabbits!

Aero Sat 26-Mar-05 16:40:21

We did (before the fox got him). He was lovely to look at and would take food from our hand and occasionally let us stroke him, but tbh I'd not have another one. They are very nervous by nature and really don't like being picked up. He lived happily outside in his hutch after we decided that trying to house train him was a total waste of time - we failed miserably and also he had an unbreakable habit of chewing wires and pulling wallpaper off the walls etc. I am sorry if this puts you off a bit, but they really don't make the friendliest of pets and can give a fairly nasty scratch when they're scared etc.
Having said all that, they are very easy to look after. We had a hutch and a pen and the costs were small for bedding and food.
We now have cats and they are soooooo much better as friendly pets.
If you're looking for a pet to stroke,cuddle etc, then I'd advise against rabbits personally.

tortoiseshell Sat 26-Mar-05 16:42:43

We've got rabbits and they're all gorgeous. Ds loves feeding them, and playing with them. Some are friendlier than others - one of ours just loved being cuddled.

I think a hutch is a good idea - you can house train them but I wouldn't do it with a toddler in the house!

oooggs Sat 26-Mar-05 18:01:48

we had a house rabbit and she died last July when DS was 8 months old. 'Molly' was 10 years ols and died of old age. But bless her heart she did herself a favour as soon after DS became mobile and she wouldn't have stood a chance.

Still miss her though

Twiglett Sat 26-Mar-05 18:48:51

friend has a rabbit

DD 10 months old is petrified of it .. it moves too quickly and startles her

I know nothing else about rabbits

Twiglett Sat 26-Mar-05 18:49:19

oh yes I do .. it chewed all the wires in her house and went right through her broadband connection

starlover Sun 27-Mar-05 10:05:14

I have a rabbit... I think they're FAB!
You shouldn't have a problem with handling as long as you get it used to being held while it's young.
General rule of thumb though, the bigger they are the more docile they are... we used to have a little netherland dwarf which was VERY nervous and skitty... I have a dutch marked which is a bit bigger and he loves to be cuddled.
Do beware of overhandling if the bunny is very young though.
Behaviour varies from rabbit to rabbit, but read up on them... what they like and dislike and you should be ok (ie, they don't like heights, so if you hold them and stand up they're likely to get scared).
I had my rabbit when he was 6 weeks old, were advised to just handle him for 20 mins a day and then gradually build up as he got older. He is now fine and has NEVER bitten or scratched me puposely but it is easy to get scratched because their claws are not retractable like cats' claws are.
You can housetrain a rabbit easily... they wll always go to the toilet in one area, even if outside they will use one corner of a hutch o run as a toilet... so if you have a litter tray set up for it then you'll be fine... no worse than a cat IMO
as aero and twiglett know, you WILL need to rabbit-proof the house though as they will chew anything! Mine has pulled strips off the wallpaper and sits behind the tv chewing cables when he comes inside.

I found that all the available hutches/runs looked tiny, so helped my dad make one for my rabbit... he has a huge run about half the size of our garden!!! LOL

magnolia1 Sun 27-Mar-05 10:17:37

My mum has 2 rabbits and they are great
My kids love them and katie who is 21 months thinks they are great although she can't catch them to pick them up.
One of them is quite timid but still lovely and Lucky who is a huge white thing is lovely to cuddle.
They do chew everything though and My mum has had to replace her scanner and telephone coz of chewed wires!!

She has a really secure garden so doesn't have a run. They come out all day everyday and even the cat goes out to play with them

louloubelle Tue 29-Mar-05 14:00:28

Hi...we have had a house rabbit for 5 years, before that he was consigned to live in a hutch in a garage until I rescued him! I've always had pet bunnies, but this is my first indoor bunny. He lives in a big hutch in the kitchen and has the run of the house when we are around, although he mostly stays downstairs. We also have a big run in the garden ,and when we are out in the garden he runs around freely. My 14 month old adores him. She went in stages of being fascinated by him, always chasing him round, which he took very good naturedly, and sometimes pretty much ignoring him. Every morning she feeds him a few sultanas. You will have to watch their droppings...they bear a strong resemblance to raisins! I have pulled a few out of her mouth in my time...but as bunnies don't eat meat, there is no dangerous illess they can pass on to humans. As for being handled, the best advice is as an earlier bunny lover said...don't really pick them up as they are afraid of heights. My bunny will lie on the floor for hours being stroked, and chases around my DH's legs in a hilarious mating ritual!! House trining is very achievable, but is probably only 80% successful IME. I am nevr far from a dustpan and brush! Hope this helps.

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