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OMG how cr*p do me and misdee feel...... sad!! :(

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sparklymieow Sat 19-Mar-05 16:32:11

I have my parents little yorkie here while they go on holiday, they dropped him off yesterday and today he said been struggling to breathe and making a horrible noise, so I phone my parents and ask what they want to me to do, they said to let him calm down and he would be fine. Well anyway he got worse and was sick everywhere, so I phone the emergancy vet and explained the sitution and that my parents are away and that they are on benifits, and she said that they would see him straight away at no charge, so Misdee and I rushed him over the college vets, and then on the way his tonuge went blue, so I carried him in and as soon as we walked in they took him away and said someone would be with us soon. The vet came down and explained that his windpipe has prolly collaped and that they had given him a jab to calm his breathing and he was in an o2 mask. When I got home DH said the vet had phoned again and that he is much worse. I phoned her and she said that he is struggling and suffering and we need to decide if we risk the jounery to another vet where they can do more investigations or operation (but he most likely won't make the jounery) or to let him go.
I had to then phone my parents and tell them all this, they are coming down now, the vet is going to try and keep him alive till my parents get home. Misdee and me feel so crap....

HUNKERMUNKER Sat 19-Mar-05 16:33:46

I'm so sorry, hugs to the Mieow and Misdee family

Nemo1977 Sat 19-Mar-05 16:34:48

aww sparkly u have nothing to feel crap
hope ur parents make it in time

SoupDragon Sat 19-Mar-05 16:34:53

sparklymieow Sat 19-Mar-05 16:35:39

my mum is in tears.... I feel so bad, coz I insisted on taking him to the vet, maybe he would have calmed down if I'd just let him calm down, he is in a o2 cage now....

Aero Sat 19-Mar-05 16:36:21

Oh SM and Misdee - that is awful, but there is no way you could have known this was going to happen or have done anything to prevent it, but I know you will feel crap as anyone in your position would. I do hope your folks make it in time. Poor wee dog - feel v sad for you all.

sparklymieow Sat 19-Mar-05 16:37:35

everyone says we did the right thing, and he could have died here.... OMG!!

noddyholder Sat 19-Mar-05 16:37:44

This is so sad Don't blame yourself I didn;t realise you were sisters you have enough to worry about between you without feeling guilty too Hope the little dog gets better xx

sparklymieow Sat 19-Mar-05 16:38:57

he did do this noise last time he was here, and I told my parents, it only seemed to be when he was excited....

noddyholder Sat 19-Mar-05 16:39:59

Was he already unwell with something?

sparklymieow Sat 19-Mar-05 16:40:11

he is dying.... and my parents are 2 hours away...

sparklymieow Sat 19-Mar-05 16:41:03

no, he was bright happy little thing.... my mum said to let him go, my dad doesn't want him put to sleep.....

Libb Sat 19-Mar-05 16:46:48

hugs to you both, you did exactly the right thing so please don't feel bad xxxxx

sparklymieow Sat 19-Mar-05 16:54:45

just had a call from the vet, he has improved!!! he still need to go to a different vets in London but he is calm and his breathing is ok!!!!

noddyholder Sat 19-Mar-05 16:59:00

brilliant your parents will be so pleased

Aero Sat 19-Mar-05 17:19:56

Fingers crossed for little dog. Hope he makes it.

scottishmumto1 Sat 19-Mar-05 18:02:07

sm. how is the wee dog. hop ehe is ok. its terrible for th ewhole family when a loved pet is unwell. i do hope he is ok.

Chandra Sat 19-Mar-05 18:02:16

Mieow, I have two Yorkies and probably you may feel better to know that the windpipe collapse is very common in Yorkies. One of my dog has it and as your mother said, he only needs to calm down and feels better. However I'm aware that as it has happen with your Mum's yorkie, one day calming down is not going to be enough. Don't feel guilty about taking him to the vet, if you have not done so he would have died, no doubt this time calming enough would have not done the trick. It's great that the dog is feeling better, you have saved his life!

bonym Sat 19-Mar-05 18:08:46

sparklymieow Sat 19-Mar-05 18:44:11

HAve spoken to the vet again and she said that he is comfortable and breathing regularly. He still has to go to the other hospital and she said that he has a floppy plalate and his Larynx isn't moving as well as it should be, as well as the wipepipe collape. So the poor little thing has lots of things wrong with his upper airway...

misdee Sat 19-Mar-05 19:02:26

panic panic panic.

the poor old dog sounded like an 60 a day smoker. i honestly thought he was gonna die on the way to vets. it was like watching a child have an asthma attack. he was pulling in his chest around the rib cage similar to an asthma attack, and was very wheezey. thank goodness we got him there on time.

sweetmonkey Sat 19-Mar-05 19:03:46

is there any more news on the dog yet?
i know how distressing it can be when animals are ill.
hugs to you and your family

misdee Sat 19-Mar-05 19:04:59

he is stable now. still waiting for our parents to return.

sweetmonkey Sat 19-Mar-05 19:10:07

well i hope everything goes well.please can you post on here when there is more news if you can

biglips Sat 19-Mar-05 19:12:45

hope the doogy be okay x

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