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Kittens in West Midlands - free to good home

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Sammy3 Wed 05-Nov-08 16:54:49

Not sure where I should post this since we're not trying to sell them. I'm hoping to find pet lovers so thought this might be a good board.

DP's brother took in a stray cat which he named Mr Sausage. He said it was getting fat. When I went to visit, I thought she looked very pregnant. Not long after, she had 5 kittens. He's found a home for 1 but has 4 left to home. I've been asking around but no luck so far. He has asked the RSPCA to help but they seem to be encouraging him to keep them (I guess they're already over-run with cats). He's planning to spay & keep "Mr" Sausage since he hasn't found its owner.

If anyone is interested in 1 or more of these kittens, please let me know.

Lovesdogsandcats Wed 05-Nov-08 17:02:23

Sorry can't offer a home but why not take photos and put them up in all the local vets?

jofeb04 Wed 05-Nov-08 18:28:48

Sorry, can't offer a home, but agree with lovesdogsandcats about the vets. Also, local pet stores will also be able to advertise them for you - try free ads if really struggling

Heated Wed 05-Nov-08 18:31:22

Do you have pictures and know what sex they are?

NutterlyUts Wed 05-Nov-08 18:37:04

I would suggest charging for them, (even a small amount) both to put towards spaying mum, and to help weed out people who aren't going to give the kitten a great home - if they won't pay £x for a kitten, what else won't they pay for? spaying/neutering? jabs? healthcare if an accident? etc

Sammy3 Wed 05-Nov-08 20:00:54

Hadn't thought of that, Nutterly. I'll suggest that to him & see. I think he's worried he'll be stuck with 5 cats if he can't give them away.

Sammy3 Wed 05-Nov-08 20:05:29

Heated, I'll upload some pictures to my profile. They were taken almost 2 months ago though & they're not very clear. I'll get him to take some more. I'm not sure what the sexes are, but I can find out if you're interested.

Sammy3 Wed 05-Nov-08 20:08:36

Thanks for your advice, Lovesdogsandcats & jofeb04. I'll make the posters & find out some pet shops near him. He'll just procrastinate until it's too late if I leave it to him. Then I'll have to deal with years of him moaning about them wink

Haylstones Wed 05-Nov-08 20:12:34

Oh, they are incredibly cute! I would absolutely love to take one or two but I sincerely doubt dh would agree sad.
I'm close to the WM too sad

surprise Wed 05-Nov-08 20:20:05

EXACTLY the same thing happened to us! We now have a mum cat and a kitten, and managed to re-home the other 4, just by asking everyone we know,and getting them to ask everyone they know. Eventually they all went (pic on profile). If you're going to advertise, then I would definitely charge for them, just to stop anyone getting one and then not bothering with it. Love the name Mr Sausage btw!

surprise Wed 05-Nov-08 20:21:24

ps if you click on the link for my photos on my profile page you can see a pic of the 5 of them before they all got taken away. Soooo cute

Sammy3 Wed 05-Nov-08 21:39:54

Surprise, how long did it take you to re-home them? Your kittens were adorable btw. He said he called him(her) Mr Sausage because he(she) loved sausages. I thought there might be another reason but it is a cat after all. We always say our dog has his crayon out so maybe we should have called him that grin

surprise Wed 05-Nov-08 22:04:33

They all left last week, when they were 11 weeks old. Knowing nothing about cats, I looked it up on the web, which suggested that cats make much better pets if they're kept with the mother til 10 - 12 weeks (makes them more sociable or something). the one we've kept is still having the odd feed from his mum too. tell him to get children round to look at them (not random kids off the street - that would be weird!) but kids he knows - we had 4 girls calling round every day to come and see them, and one of them ended up having one. Another friend of DD's told her aunt about them, and she had 2. I think just getting word out is the main thing.

PS Am slightly regretting keeping the kitten as he's decided to attack my fluffy socks tonight and has scratched my feet to ribbons grin

Pinkii Thu 06-Nov-08 15:09:19

Kittens are beautiful and I am looking for a couple for my daughters (if I can pursuade hubby)!!!!

How old are the kittens, what sex are they and when would they be ready to leave their mum?

Heated Thu 06-Nov-08 20:28:39

Thanks Sammy for the photos, they look a lovely bundle of fun! After giving it a lot of thought, I think a we will go to a rehoming centre for a couple of older cats since my p/t hours would mean I'd be away from the kittens just that bit longer than is sensible. Sorry I couldn't be of more help & hope you find homes for them soon.

twilight1409 Sun 04-Sep-11 13:29:43

hi i am looking for some kittens were abouts are you in west midlands are they still available

ChippingIn Sun 04-Sep-11 13:32:32

Twilight - this thread is 2 years old!!

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