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Cat Nip(per)

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Levanna Wed 09-Mar-05 00:50:32

Sorry to post another Q! We've had our cat for nearly 3 weeks. She spends a lot of the day on the windowsill out of the childrens reach, popping out to socialise occasionally. I am a bit flummoxed by her though. She comes to us for a stroke/brush (has realised it's quite nice!) but after a minute either bites or scratches us (very minor far). I could understand if she wandered off then, if she'd had enough I mean. But, she carries on purring, rubbing us with her head and cuddling - as if she still wants a stroke (which, for the sake of our fingers we've usually stopped doing at this point!).
After starting a tongur in cheek thread about her parenting skills, I am now starting to wonder if this is really what she is doing! Does anyone have any ideas as to her behaviour? What does it mean? Is there really a new mummy in the house and we therefore are her brood?

tegansmummy Wed 09-Mar-05 19:36:05

hi levanna.
how old is your cat. my youngest cat is a year and half. she used to be bad for doing as your cat does but i think its cause she was a kitten.
but you do get some cats that do this as they are just wicked and will keep doing it all their lifes. i was patting a friends elderly cat one day and she jumped up and stuck both set of claws in my face. ouch ouch

sweetkitty Fri 11-Mar-05 15:28:28

I heard on a TV programme that most cats are still essentially wild at heart and when you are patting them etc they suddenly remember this go all wild and bite and scratch you. One of my 3 is like this although DP is always teasing him.

scotlou Fri 11-Mar-05 15:41:01

Mine still does that and she's 14 this year!! I think it's a playful thing - she does it when she gets excited with being played with. I think it's cute - but it does hurt!

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