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does anybody elses cat knock on the window when it wants to come in?

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twinsetandpearls Sun 19-Oct-08 16:05:03

Mne is doing it constantly. I let it in, it then goes out and appears a few moments later wanting to come in. If I ignore it it gets louder and louder and will not stop.

TheMadHouse Sun 19-Oct-08 16:08:44

Mine doesnt knock, but yowls loudly - which just increases in volume till we do.

We used to have a cat flap, but he refused to use it, so never bothered with one in this house. Everyone in the neigbourhood recognises me from my cats yowl

TheInvisibleManDidIt Sun 19-Oct-08 16:26:48

my 2just cry pathetically.

When I was little, my friends cat used to jump up and ring the doorbell when it wanted in. God only knows how it learnt to do it though.

nolongeraworriedmummy Sun 19-Oct-08 16:29:38

mine knocks! On the window, the door and the letterbox grin

hecAteTheirBrains Sun 19-Oct-08 16:30:57

My sister used to live in a 1st floor flat. The door was at the front, almost onto the road, there was a bit of grass at the back (and then a field, maybe, or some allotments, I can't recall) Her cat would go out of her flat and yell at the door or the downstairs flat. The man who lived there would get up and open the door. She would walk through his flat and he would open the window for her to get onto the back (she could have walked round, but I assume she couldn't be bothered!).

When she wanted to come back in, she would sit on his windowsill. He would open the window again and she would walk through his flat, he would open his front door and she would go through and back up into her own home (although sometimes she would sidestep into his bedroom instead and go for a nap!)

This cat was someone you did NOT mess with! All claws and teeth! grin

I'll never forget when my sister told me how she had fetched the cat in one night...

"I saw her across the road so I went to pick her up. I grabbed her and she started hissing and spitting, so of course I didn't think anything of it. Then I looked across the road and there was MY cat.."


My own cat is very daft (or maybe very clever!). She keeps forgetting how to use the catflap and will sit in front of it, waiting for you to flip it for her. hmm

ChasingSquirrels Sun 19-Oct-08 16:33:11

my dog used to come to the patio door and nose it - even though I didn't let her in that door, she came in through the utility door. As soon as I saw her and stood up she ran round to the utility door.

Chaotica Sun 19-Oct-08 16:40:51

My cat used to knock at the door when we lived in a place where it rattled (it was her only way in, so quite smart I thought).

Ripeberry Sun 19-Oct-08 16:42:33

I've just put a catch on the cat flap today so that when our 2 cats go out they can't come back in.
Done it mainly because i'm fed up of clearing up dead mice in the kitchen (yuck).
They can stay out in the utility room at night!
Don't care how much they miaow.

twinsetandpearls Sun 19-Oct-08 16:50:23

I am too soft, ours also bring in mice and shrews.

OrmIrian Sun 19-Oct-08 16:54:11

No. New kitten too young to go out yet. Old cat just did the silent miaow until someone noticed her. She liked to lay on the guilt with a trowel!

ClaireDeLoon Sun 19-Oct-08 16:55:40

My parents have fitted a bell to the top of the scratching post they keep by the door when the cat wants to go out she goes and rings the bell

hecate "I saw her across the road so I went to pick her up. I grabbed her and she started hissing and spitting, so of course I didn't think anything of it. Then I looked across the road and there was MY cat.."

My neighbour picked my ginger boy up, took him in, fed him (he was obviously very happy) and then decided that her cats eyes looked funny, called her husband who pointed out it wasn't their cat it was mine

twinsetandpearls Sun 19-Oct-08 16:59:09

My male cat would learn to ring a bell very quickly

Poledra Sun 19-Oct-08 17:28:24

The cat of the folk I used to babysit for when I was a teenager used to drag its claws down the livingroom window when it wanted in. Sadistic little fucker animal just wanted to see me hit the roof (too much 'Salem's Lot', I'm thinking).

keevamum Mon 20-Oct-08 15:17:42

My cat knocks too. It scared the shit out of my husband first time he heard it.

MortBlackCatResident Mon 20-Oct-08 15:30:06

Like this?

twinsetandpearls Mon 20-Oct-08 17:32:50

Mort if he could do that he would grin

expatinscotland Mon 20-Oct-08 17:34:23

Oh, how cute!

No, mine miaows at the door.

The inner door is a glass paned one and she mews at it till you let her in.

But sometimes I make her give me a couple of extra miaows before I let her in .

struwellpeter Mon 20-Oct-08 17:52:46

My dd's cat paws at the windows leaving muddy marks whenever she wants to come in. Cannot enjoy looking through clean windows for more than a day before they are dirty again. Still, am glad that the policy decision was taken by dh not to have a cat flap as there is a nuisance of a tom aroundthat sprays...yuk.

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