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Calling Hughey

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Levanna Sun 06-Mar-05 23:20:40


HugH, Hu........ (you get the picture!)

Does anyone have any tips or tricks for helping cats pass hair, or rid themselves of hairballs, without the drama? She wont let me near her with a brush yet, and I've just started her on a 'hairball diet' (not as it sounds!) Is there anything that has worked for your cats?

Snugs Sun 06-Mar-05 23:23:25

A dose of cod liver oil - helps the hairball slide back up.

The problem is in getting the oil down the cat in the first place.

Oh, and the possible side effects on the digestive system

Snugs Sun 06-Mar-05 23:28:56

scroll down to home solutions for some other suggestions.

And if you solve the problem, but find yourself missing those lovely little cat productions try this

Levanna Mon 07-Mar-05 12:37:16

Warning! Warning! DON'T click on Snugs 'try this' link! (Unless you have a stomach made of steel ) The photo is well and truly gross, bleugh! (Or should I say hughey?)

However, the other link is really really helpful! Thanks Snugs.

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