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dogs 'n chooks....

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chloeb2002 Fri 04-Mar-05 19:30:17

Ok so my dog is a lurcher so perhaps chasing every thing that moves may be instinctive but sheep i can just about deal with, chasing the horses is fine because at least it keeps her following whilst we are out riding but recently she has been encouraged to chase the chickens but her little terrier friend. He killed 3 of them and had 2 of them attached to his collar and has now stopped cahsing them.. my dog killed on last week and had its poor pody attache dto her collar by the farmer and stayed over at the farm. The next day she was afraid of the afore mentioned chickens... well the few that still live! but it has been short lived and this week she took on the cockrel.. has anyone ever managed to stop this? She is a rescue dog and is 3 years old. slightly insecure becasue we think she was beaten up by her last owner... anyone...

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