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calling guinea pig experts

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sphil Sat 11-Oct-08 15:44:24

We've just bought a young boar (about 5 months old) to breed with our two sows. He came from a breeder, but had been kept in a very small cage in a shed. He was on his own, though there were lots of other guinea pigs in the shed with him. He seemed pretty tame when the breeder and I handled him.

We have put him in a four foot cage outside with lots of hay and food. The two females are in a cage together on top. Since putting him in there yesterday afternoon he hasn't eaten much (a few dandelions) and hasn't emerged from the nesting part of the hutch. I tried handling him today - he sits quietly, but won't eat or move at all. When I open the nest part to check on him (I don't do this often) he is usually sitting with his head pressed up against the door.

How long does it usually take them to settle in? Our sows were babies when we got them and it didn't take them long at all. I don't want to put a sow in with him until he's more settled, but maybe he would be if he had company?

What do you think?

flossie64 Sat 11-Oct-08 16:02:53

I have 2 Gp's ,bth boars.
Not an expert though, my only thought is that if he has always been in a shed it may seem very bright to him outside.
He may adjust over the next few days HTHsmile

themoon666 Sat 11-Oct-08 16:08:42

You need southeastastra... she's an expert on GPs I believe. That's Guinea Pigs of course, not General Practitioners grin

OLIVIASMAMA Sat 11-Oct-08 16:14:01

Have a word with the breeder, the smaller cage that he was in may have made him feel more secure, I do also know that guineas pigs LOVE company and aren't particularly good at being on their own.

Perhaps try putting the other 2 in - it may be just what he needs. Poor thing, you'd think he's be over the moon with his new mansion. grin

sphil Sat 11-Oct-08 19:19:53

His cage at the breeders was only about the size of the nest section of our hutch, so you may be right about the sense of security. The hutches are in an alleyway, so although it's been sunny it's not very bright - but brighter than he's used to, I guess.

Do you think I should be handling him, or let him alone for a while?

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