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Troll cage, I mean hamster cage

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VersdeSociete Wed 01-Oct-08 21:20:40

So there are these crappy looking ones with plastic tubes hanging out of them and some birdcage looking ones and it is really very confusing. Anyone recommend a hamster cage? Or maybe I can talk DS into keeping snails...

smartiejake Wed 01-Oct-08 22:47:21

DO NOT, I reapeat DO NOT get one of those with three levels and loads of tubes. They are a pig to clean out.

Get a cage(like the bird cage one you described)with platforms inside it and a wheel. Much easier to deal with.

christywhisty Thu 02-Oct-08 08:06:46

Also depends on the hamster. We had the very tiny little roborovskis and the only type you can use is this type

as the squash themselves flat and can get through any wire they can get to. It's easy to clean and would be suitable for any hamster.Ours had a platform in it as well

ChopsTheDuck Thu 02-Oct-08 08:14:17

I'd say get something plain too. I was given a rotostack type one and mine chewed their way out of it. They then chewed plastci levels on a multi tier one. I'd get the biggest flat one you have the room for then you can get toys to put inside it.

missingtheaction Thu 02-Oct-08 08:28:14

our first one chewed its way out of its fancy rotastak dining room. early morning wail 'mummy the hamster's dead' 'are you sure?' i shout back 'it might just be asleep'. Enter room to see hamster's head in one corner, body in another corner, and squishy bits in a blob in the middle. It is, indeed, dead.

VersdeSociete Thu 02-Oct-08 09:26:07

<bitterly regretting promise to get hamsters> missingtheaction - have you got a cat?; the horror. Smartiejake, I did wonder about cleaning that plastic crap. Many thanks for this advice, everyone. Can I ask what any hamster expert thinks of thsi pricey
It is called fabio. But will they eat all those wood things?
<screams silently>

ChopsTheDuck Thu 02-Oct-08 09:50:54


I'd expect the wood to get chewed a bit, but it's probably a lot more durable than plastic.
And you will put all the bedding in the house only to watch the hamster drag it down three floors to make a bed elsewhere and decide the house makes a good urinal wink

MrJinx Thu 02-Oct-08 10:43:21

I would be wary of that one with all the wood. Our hamsters have always loved peeing on anything wooden and the stink just DOESNT come out! I would imagine that would reek after a very short time.

marmadukescarlet Thu 02-Oct-08 10:47:15

lol @ minimalist cage!

MrJ is right, you'd never get the shelf clean.

Blondeshavemorefun Thu 02-Oct-08 14:15:56

you need one with bars, hammies love to swing (as do some of us wink)

dont get a glass fish tank type - never understood why people buy those for hammies

the tubes are fun, but a bugger to clean

but a ball and put them in that each night, mine love it

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