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MrsMertle Tue 30-Sep-08 18:49:31

We have a puppy that we got from the rescue centre. She is now 4 months old. They weren't sure what breed she was when we got her as she had just been abandoned.

We thought she had some lab/collie in her but not being experts we weren't sure.

Today I opened the door to the postman and he asked if she was a 'Labradoodle'. I told him no, that we think shes a Lab/collie.

Anyway he got me thinking and so I had a look on some Labradoodle websites and sure enough she is the image of a labradoodle puppy.

So my question is, is there any way of finding out? Can you get them tested or something to see what breed they are?

I want to know more from interest than anything. She is a gorgeous little fluffy thing and we love her whatever she is

Hangingbellyofbabylon Wed 01-Oct-08 12:44:43

Does she shed any fur at all? I remember reading that labradoodles were bred as guide dogs for those who had allergies as the poodle part means no fur loss!

MrsMertle Thu 02-Oct-08 21:17:02

no she doesn't shed any fur really, I had braced myself for dog hair everywhere but she doesn't lose any

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