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What could be wrong with my sisters dog

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crazyashell Tue 23-Sep-08 01:21:25

It started early saturday morning my sister woke up and found that the dog had done a jet black loose stool on the bedroom carpet, she then went downstairs and found patches of diarroeh in the living room, and in the conservatory, it was also very dark almost black in colour, and she also found that the dog had been sick and it had fresh blood in it and in the one corner of the room there was what can only be described as a large bloody liver like substance that the dog had passed.
My sister said the dog seemed lethargic and listless and immediately called the vets who did happen to be open and they told her to bring the dog down straight away which she did.
They put it down to a nasty infection and gave it an injection and some tablets not quite sure what the injection and tablets were but they sent it home and my sister was told that the dog is not to eat but only drink water little and often, and if any further diarreah and vomiting then to call straight back.
They gave my sister an emergency out of hours number to call.
The dog started with further bloody diareaoh on the saturday night and the dog was taken to the emergency vet and remains poorly and is still experiencing fresh bleeding on and off from the back passage although I think they are keeping that under control. They have her on a drip,antibiotics, etc.
They say she is extemely poorly and may not make it and they have mentioned rat poisoning but it is a complete mystey to my sister has to how that could have happend she has been walked around the block and never goes out on her own and has been no where else.
The vet is treating her for that even though its not confirmed, they have also mentioned tumours but they think thats unlikely, and they have also mentioned bone marrow cancer, they should find out tomorrow if it is rat poisoning but tests for other possible causes are going to take longer.
The dog is also now severely aneamic as a consequence of all of this bleeding.
Has anybody any ideas, all of its vaccinations are up to date and all of this just came on suddenly and rapid however on thursday the dog was doing alot of scratching and was making itself bleed and it had alot of purple like blotches on its stomach however these have faded but she does suffer from ezema and has to have injections to keep it under control.
Can anybody offer any suggestions my sister and the whole family are distraught.

wabbit Tue 23-Sep-08 01:37:39

Poorly dog sad
Sounds like the vet's being thorough, don't think anything other than what you've already mentioned comes to mind.

I thought possible tumour when I read symptoms but you say they think it unlikely... you'll have to hold your breath and wait and see

Sad though, sounds like the doggy's very much loved

wigparty Tue 23-Sep-08 10:58:38

Oh how sad sad
Our dog is a rescue dog, and the first 3 years we had him was fraught with diarreah, bloody poos, unable to last through the night without pooing somewhere.

Countless trips to the vet threw up nothing. I changed vet when he was so lethargic and so severely anaemic he could barely walk 100 yards. (My old vet STILL insisted 'well he's feeling under the weather, you wouldn't want to go walking if you were either, would you. Let him rest' shock

New vet did a blood count and he was in a very dangerous situation (his was 16%, normal is in the mid 40s apparently).

The upshot was he had an ulcer aggravated by a major food intolerance. He's now on prescription food and will be on ABs and zantac probably for ever onwards, but we sorted the problem out!

I don't know whether this is anything similar to your sister's dog? The diarreah and anaemia and lethargy sound very similar. Ours also had very black poos occasionally, which the vet explained was blood entering high up in the body, eg. from the stomach.

I don't know if this is any help. Could you ask the vet about doing a blood count if he's losing blood? If ours lost 2% more on his, that would have been the end of it.

Good luck, I hope you get to the bottom of it.

nervousal Tue 23-Sep-08 11:06:28

Poor wee dog - does sound like poisoning of some sort - but also sounds like the vet is being very thorough. Good luckx

bella29 Tue 23-Sep-08 11:11:11

How awful - I hope she gets better. Dogs can get secondary poisoning if they eat a rat or mouse which itself has been poisoned, but I really hope that isn't the case with your sister's dog. The purple blotches on her stomach are a possible symptom of warfarin (rat poison) poisoning, though, which stops the blood clotting.
Good luck wink

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