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We have a new kitten.

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OrmIrian Mon 22-Sep-08 11:21:47

She is black, 7 weeks old and called Lola (nearest I would let DH get to Zola hmm).
I know she's very cute and everyone else is smitten, and I will of course do my best to look after her and care for her.....but I don't love her. I came back from the school run and forgot she was there! I want my old cat back. Don't want a fluffy, dependent, squeaky kitten, I want my dignified, aloof and very beautiful old mog who had shared my life for so long.


PS. On a practical level - we are giving her kitten food and water but she's not keen on the water - can she have cow's milk. I know it's not good for adult cats.

nailpolish Mon 22-Sep-08 11:23:24

no dont give her milk

i am jealous! our cat is now 14mths and not a kitten any more sad

OrmIrian Mon 22-Sep-08 11:25:18

Thanks nailpolish. That is what I though. Does she need to drink loads? Because she hardly bothers. She seems to wee lots though.

ClairePO Mon 22-Sep-08 11:30:11

There is probably quite a lot of water in the kitten food if it is wet food. Maybe get a pack of kitten milk and dilute a little for her? She's still quite young to be away from mum really.

OrmIrian Mon 22-Sep-08 11:32:35

OK, thanks claire.

She is quite young isn't she? I thought that but apparently she's been away from mum for 2 weeks already. Seems very lively and, as far as I can tell, healthy.

Going to ring vets soon and ask when she needs jabs etc.

nailpolish Mon 22-Sep-08 11:33:40

make sure she is able to drink out of the bowl
we think the bowl is tiny but to her its massive!
and keep showing her where her food and drink are cos she will forget!

OrmIrian Mon 22-Sep-08 11:34:34

Good point. I only have the bowls that my old cat used.

piratecat Mon 22-Sep-08 11:36:20

oh bless, she is very very young. It will take a while to build up the love. Mind you we have a cat who is very independant, very anti social and is hard to 'love'!!!

FluffyMummy123 Mon 22-Sep-08 11:36:39

Message withdrawn

OrmIrian Mon 22-Sep-08 12:27:35

Now she's shredding a plant on the table hmm. But will she play with toys that the children desperately wave around in front of her? No.

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