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2 sleeps to Guinea Pigs........

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Lowfat Fri 19-Sep-08 08:38:13

What are we letting our selves in for. DD will be 5 next week so her main present is Guinea Pigs.

I know I will be the main carer but she is an attentive little girl who enjoys helping with housework, looking out for her little brother and playing with our two very stroppy and quite frankly ungrateful cats - who should be thankful for the attention.

So we have bought a large indoor cage (DH's idea to have them indoors) - which is so big DS could sleep in - I mean in relative terms the guinea pigs will have a larger house then us!!

So on Sunday we are off to Pets at Home and getting 2 new additions to our house.

We have cleaning plans and feeding plans. But your tales of experience and words of wisdom would be appreciated.

bubblagirl Fri 19-Sep-08 14:26:20

i have 2 guinea pigs make sure you get same sex lol you could have enough room to house many more other wise

guinea pigs are adoreable easy to maintain and so friendly

we have ours indoors there only noisy when rustling a bag lol

make sure you give them vit c tab in there water they dont store it so need to top it up

and also fresh fruit or veg a handful each is ok but not acidy food you can google food ok for guinea pig anyway

they are great mine love a cuddle and a brush sounds good the cage size as they do need to exercise and room to kove we only have large cage and could do with more room really

have fun with them

i clean mine every 3 days and that is sufficient for small cage and they also need hay or straw but get from a pet shop as usually been screened we used to get ouirs from a farm but poor things got bad mites and became quite ill after expensive injections at vets all was well so only buy from pet shop now

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