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Dogs are strange aren't they? Well ours is

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saltire Wed 17-Sep-08 13:56:08

Remember he broke his paw,a nd had a metal frame on it for weeks? Well he has been fine with it. Then today (about 20 mins ago) I let him in the gardena dn he did what he always does and went to put his paws up on the wall to look over into next doors. he came back in a few seconds alter, limping on the paw he broke. He was licking the underside it, he needed to wee so i put him on the lead and took him out he was limping and carrying the paw to start off with but was weight bearing byt eh end of the 5 minute walk. But every time he comes in the kitchen or garden he carries the paw and limpshmm. I know he can't have hurt himself badly becasue whatever he has done he didn't whine, or cry out, and he is weight bearing on it pretty much all the time again, but isn't it odd how he carries it and limps in the kitchen and garden.

saltire Wed 17-Sep-08 13:57:02

I havechecked the paw BTW, no sign of swelling, cuts etc, and it feels exactly like the other one. I think he has banged it

Wags Wed 17-Sep-08 16:13:03

Is it always after he has put his paws up on the wall. It could be that he hurts it when he lands from doing this. My bitch broke a toe. Years later if she jumps down from anywhere she will often limp for a bit. It just jars it I think.

twoluvlykids Wed 17-Sep-08 16:16:02

maybe he remembered the pain & was looking for some sympathy for you? dogs are dim but great at wheedling out affection from us humans - who are really the dumb ones to fall for it.

saltire Wed 17-Sep-08 19:27:43

Wags - appropriate name for this thread bTW - it is only today that he has done it. He has been out for a walk again, and DH said the pup never limped once, and as soon as he got in he started limping in teh kitchen, then went into living room and was fine

Wags Thu 18-Sep-08 12:35:43

How bizarre, does his slip on the kitchen surface at all, maybe doesn't like that and starts to limp. Clutching at straws now grin. What breed is he <inserts just being nosey emoticon>. I changed my name to this when I was on Mumsnet one day with my dog lying asleep on the wooden floor in the sun with his tail slowly wagging knocking on the floor.

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