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Young cat with stubborn diarrhea and discharge fro one eye. Taking her to vets tomorrow but in meantime, any experience of this?

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What is it? will she be ok? what will the vet do/check for?


lisad123 Sun 14-Sep-08 23:58:52

have you changed foods? I find my cats can handle wet food, especially wiskers! My cat also gets hayfever!! i know odd, we normally get drops when his eyes get yucky though, just to be same.
good luck

bella29 Mon 15-Sep-08 11:19:29

Is she well in herself? Is she vaccinated? If cat flu/enteritis can be ruled out, she may need worming (for the diarrhoes) and the discharge from her eye may be an infection. The vet will check her temperature and check for ulcers in her mouth, and also any damage to the surface of her eye.
Is the diarrhoeA bloody? If it is, and she isn't vaccinated, I would get her to the vet asap.

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