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Please, come and talk to me about Newfoundlands????????

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fadingaway Thu 11-Sep-08 12:57:51

As we are about to adopt one.

Are they as gorgeous as I have been led to believe smile??

Any problems/foibles/other things I should know?


They are gorgeous and gentle,

They have MAHOOSIVE feet, and a tail that sweeps everything off low tables.

They dribble everywhere, and may need a bib,

They need loads of brushing,

Ditto exercise and food, grin

You should really try and take them somewhere they can swim at least once a month, preferably more often.

They are lovely though, enjoy.

Jazzicatz Thu 11-Sep-08 16:52:30

They are gorgeous but smell like hell and dribble like a rabid animal!

morethanyoubargainfor Thu 11-Sep-08 16:58:44

wash them in rain water if at all possible! believe it or not it makes them smell better

AnarchyAunt Thu 11-Sep-08 17:00:11

DP has a Newfoundland/GSD/Lab cross.

They are very friendly, good with kids, tend to be quite chilled out, and all that.

Very hairy! And yes, mahoosive feet and tails.

Swimming is important - as often as you can. 'Spot-on' flea treatments are toxic to aquatic life, so try to use the tablets (Advantage I think). They can get a bit overexcited in water (all that rescue instinct) so best to take them to quiet spots, as an overexcited Newfoundland is a bit worrying for people who don't know them. DP's gets very bothered by humans splashing/screeching in watr and tries to 'rescue' them - not always welcome!

Also bear in mind they are prone to hip and other joint problems as they get older. We give glucosamine tablets crushed in food, and oily fish as often as possible.

They are really lovely though, enjoy yours 9and post a pic!)

Millarkie Thu 11-Sep-08 17:01:50

Is it a puppy or a full grown dog? The puppies need minimal exercise as it strains their growing joints. We used to have a pyrenean mountain dog - quite similar to a Newfoundland..agree with the dribble and brushing (oh the hair!) and the loveliness.
We had to change all door handles to knobs rather than levers as the dog would just plonk her paw on the lever and let herself in/out. She was very resistant to training (ie. gentle and lovable but did whatever she wanted), and would only walk one way (if you turned towards home she would lie down..and she was way too heavy to lift!) so we had to wave a biscuit in front of her nose to get her back home.

I am envy although I currently have 'best dog in the world', - a lab cross.

fadingaway Thu 11-Sep-08 17:08:56

thank you!

She is six (so may not have her for much longer as I know they are not the longest-lived).

Not sure how she will be around water so will raise that with the foster carers.

The rescue people who vetted us said that some aore water, some don't..

Do they really SMELL??? I thought only if they were neglected....... blush

Jazzicatz Thu 11-Sep-08 17:10:10

No I know quite a few and they all stink!

sarah293 Thu 11-Sep-08 17:11:14

Message withdrawn

twoluvlykids Thu 11-Sep-08 17:11:49

i want one!!! where she's coming from? i don't mind dog smells and hair,already have springer

dramaqueen Thu 11-Sep-08 17:23:21

We had one when we were growing up. I have fond memories of being dragged around the woods after him. He also liked to have a go at other dogs, horse riders, joggers and cyclists so had to wear a muzzle. He was 12 stone. ON the upside he was very gentle with us, but taller than us when stood on his back legs. His saliva used to stick to the ceiling!

fadingaway Fri 12-Sep-08 08:46:34

We are collecting from Lincolnshire tomorrow.

It's true about the smell then..............?

MrsSnape Sat 13-Sep-08 09:08:14

They stink! My friend had two and their house constantly smelt of "wet dog", it actually made me feel sick everyime I went in.

dramaqueen Sat 13-Sep-08 10:05:23

Your car and house will never be the same again grin

Millarkie Sun 14-Sep-08 20:58:39

Have you got her? Is she gorgeous? (is she smelly?)

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