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One of the kittens that I was getting died :o(

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Grublin Mon 08-Sep-08 15:57:38

Not sure if the other tabby and white girl will be ok either

I have been given their brother though who has been given a clean bill of health by the vet. A pic is going up on my profile in just a sec.
Need a name for him too.

ClairePO Mon 08-Sep-08 16:22:05

Oh no what happened?

Pleased the kitten you have is healthy though. How old is he?

Notalone Mon 08-Sep-08 16:29:00

Aw - how sad. Pics are gorgeous. Which one is yours? Any idea what happenned to the kitten yet?

Grublin Mon 08-Sep-08 16:35:36

I was having the 2 tabby and whites, but not yet sure if the remaining tabby will be ok yet. Not sure what happened, they are all 7.5 weeks.
My new boy is the white and black one at the top.
I may be having the black and white kitten too if she's given a clean bill of health at the end of the week.

3andnomore Mon 08-Sep-08 21:16:58

awww, how sad that one died

We just picked up our new, very gorgeous, black and white girl....she is snoozing on the Sofa....!
She is only just over 7 weeks!

The pics are adorable...they are all so cute What names are you tinking off?

I think we settled on Ziva....but es says now that he doesn't like it...and ys can't say it properly, he calls her Ziba, lol!
So, shall see....

Grublin Tue 09-Sep-08 09:27:36

Not sure of a name yet for our boy.
Ziba is a nice name

Grublin Tue 09-Sep-08 09:28:42

Our kitty is 7 weeks & 5 days, born 17/07/08

3andnomore Tue 09-Sep-08 09:45:59

Awww, slightly older then ours....

you are right, we might just call her Ziba, lol....
He calls our Dog Inja and his name is Ninja....he isn't to bothered!

I am just much would one expect such a young kitten to poop and pee?
Been putting her into her toilet and did the thing with her paws....but she hasn't really done anything...unless she piddled behind the sofa...but can't smell anything,lol...

Grublin Tue 09-Sep-08 10:29:25

our little man has been very good, using litter tray like a pro, had 3 poos and a number of wees since 12.30 yesterday.

Other tabby has also passed away

3andnomore Tue 09-Sep-08 10:45:54 sorry to hear about the other tabby...that is so sad sad

She hasn't eaten that much...put her infront of her bowl and she will eat a little amount, but not much...I assume that is normal?
She is curled up next to me, bless her....and sleeping..but earlier she was miouwing so loud...wonder if she is missing her mummy and her siling sad...poor Baby...

Grublin Tue 09-Sep-08 10:50:59

They eat little and often. I make sure there is always some food in his bowl, water and a little kitten milk.
I think they should still be having around 4 meals a day

FluffyMummy123 Tue 09-Sep-08 10:51:57

Message withdrawn

Grublin Tue 09-Sep-08 10:55:26

Will remove said milk

3andnomore Tue 09-Sep-08 11:08:52

water is best...isn't it?

I try to keep her bowls topped up....blardy dog keeps helping himself though...daft animal that he is!

Grublin Tue 09-Sep-08 17:55:04

3 kittens have now passed away out of a litter of 5

SparklyGothKat Tue 09-Sep-08 18:04:17

I would keep an very close eye on your kitten. When I was living at home, our cat had 4 kittens. They all contracted something and died within 4 days of each other. My dad managed to get the last one back but she passed away a few minutes later. Please keep an eye on your new baby...

Grublin Tue 09-Sep-08 18:33:31

I shall be keeping a close eye. I feel a bit sick to be honest

PurpleOne Wed 10-Sep-08 01:30:07

That's not good news, please keep us posted Grub.

Feature Wed 10-Sep-08 07:37:21

Sometimes if the breeder is over breeding the female or the female is too young this can happen.

If she ios breding too many they can catch infection like SGK said but sooner you get the kitten to your home the better.

No to kitten milk.

Yes to which ever kitten food she is using. 4 times per day, mashed in with some biscuits (if planning on feeding dry food).

Hope he is okay.

3andnomore Wed 10-Sep-08 19:39:06

oh no Grublin, so sorry to hear that sad

btw...not that I ever used kittenmilk....but why is it so bad?
Feature, good tip about teh mixing of dry and wetfood...!
My lil kitten only ate the tiniest amounts of dry food yesterday and got wetfood today and she munched her way through a whole, shall be mixng some dry food in

Grublin Wed 10-Sep-08 22:25:35

Mischief is being a good boy
He gets through about a pouch of food a day with a few biscuits mixed in.
I've stopped the milk
Gave him a brush this evening and found a flea!
Been advised to take him to get checked over by the vet to make sure he is ok and hasn't got anything his siblings may of had.

tortoise Wed 10-Sep-08 22:30:06

Grublin Sorry to hear about the kittens. sad
Hope the little boy stays healthy. smile

3andnomore Wed 10-Sep-08 22:46:08

is mischief his name?

well dh is now routing for Kunoichi...which is he name of female ninja, and dog is called ninja...
ys can say that...hmm after he could not get Zivahmm...
but not really the name for me...I think...
Lacey/Lazee/Laney might be better nAMES, LOL

Grublin Wed 10-Sep-08 22:51:57

Yup, that's his name
I still like Ziba grin or lacey.

FairLadyRantALot Thu 11-Sep-08 21:34:25

How is that little kitten of yours?

Well, we finally decided on a name now....told dh that I really don't like kunoichi and made a list of names I liked and he had to pick the one he could live with....and he decided on Raven....which actually suits her...with being mostly black, and all that...

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