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Kitty coming tomorrow

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PurpleOne Mon 08-Sep-08 11:13:33

I'm acquiring a 5 month old girl kitty tomorrow. We've been after a cat for a long time.

Trouble is, we have 2 goldfish and 2 Guineas living here already! I have a lid for the fish tank and the Guineas live in a cage upstairs.

Does anyone have any success stories with all these animals living under one roof?
Quite excited to be getting a cat again.

PinkTulips Mon 08-Sep-08 11:26:49

i wouldn't worry too much, as long as the edible pets are cat proofed as best you can i doubt she'll pay too much attention and if she does she won't be able to get them.

the fish will be oblivious if she tries hunting them and the guineas are big enough no to have heart failure or anything.

enjoy your new puss..... we have 2 kittens and a cat after years of having an anti social unfriendly arse of a cat and i'd forgotton how much fun it is to have a lively playful cat around the house smile

Fennel Mon 08-Sep-08 11:28:32

We have 2 new kittens, also 3 guinea pigs and some fish. no problem. the problem will be when we get the hamster replacement which dd1 has been wanting for ages (her old two died so she's sort of owed it).

cats are fine with gps, usually. gps are biggish and slowish.

DumbledoresGirl Mon 08-Sep-08 11:40:22

We once had a cat that used to sit on the fish tank lid and watch the fish through the glass, but they (the fish) were unbothered by this.

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