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Why does my dog howl when dd plays the recorder?

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Nbg Thu 04-Sep-08 16:03:47

We have a little chihuahua and she howls everytime my dd plays the fecking delightful thing.

I'm wondering if it hurts her ears? She has amazing hearing.
It doesnt bother our other dog at all.

forevercleaning Thu 04-Sep-08 16:04:52

your dog prob feels the same as the rest of us that have recorders playing in the house grin

pagwatch Thu 04-Sep-08 16:07:32

because she can.
If I could howl I would.

End of term 'show' the year twos all suddenly produced these instruments ofthe devil as soon as the doors were shut and we couldn't get out.
My DDs not even in the year.
Bastard things

forevercleaning Thu 04-Sep-08 16:10:52

ours are in the bin! Encouraged them to learn guitar instead, now I have constant twanging of electric guitars all out of tune instead.

pagwatch Thu 04-Sep-08 16:13:47

...and one day that twanging will be music grin.
But you can be as acomplished as you like on a recorder and it will always sound like whiney shite

NotBigNotClever Thu 04-Sep-08 16:17:11

My dog howls when ds (3) plays the harmonica and when the smoke alarm goes off (burnt toast again...). Also howls if anyone rings the doorbell more than twice. Doesn't react to the recorder, though.

Nbg Thu 04-Sep-08 16:17:15


forevercleaning Thu 04-Sep-08 16:28:54

pag - its been 3 years and the twanging still does not sound remotely like music!

Mind you, they have not had lessons as such, just messing around so maybe thats the way forward!

pagwatch Thu 04-Sep-08 16:32:33

you are doomed forevercleaning.
Good luck - or get ear plaugs grin

pagwatch Thu 04-Sep-08 16:33:38


plaugs are just very posh plugs btw.
( i am very posh. Not a dimwit who can't type)

forevercleaning Thu 04-Sep-08 16:38:23

pmsl - was just about to google plaugs to see if i should buy some grin

Jux Thu 04-Sep-08 17:47:17

Dogs like to sing; unlike cats, who will claw you to death, especially if you're playing a violin (I think it's the cat gut they use for the strings!).

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