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How often do you find fish and other questions?

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ThomCat Sun 20-Feb-05 12:59:11

The bit of paper from the pet shop says once and as much as they can eat in 5 minutes, the food itself says 2-3 times a day and to keep sprinkling food in till fish stop eating.

So which is it? Once or twice or 3 times a day?

We've got a 5 gallon tank, and 6 neon tetra, 2 guppies & 2 mollies. How many more can I have and what types shall we get?

TC x

Twiglett Sun 20-Feb-05 13:00:16

I suppose it depends on how often you lose them TC

Twiglett Sun 20-Feb-05 13:00:41

but now I've actually bothered to read the post .. once a day

WideWebWitch Sun 20-Feb-05 13:01:55

I think ours are only fed every other day. We have 6 tropical gold tetra. But it's dp's responsibility so I could be wrong.

ThomCat Sun 20-Feb-05 13:03:54

LOL, how did I type find instead of feed? Wondered what you were talking about Twiglett!
Thanks, so once a day it is.

Any suggestions on what other fish we can get girls?

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