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Any Golden Retriever Fans?

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shantistar Mon 01-Sep-08 07:35:24

Hi would love to talk to anyone who owns golden retrievers. I have an 11 month old adorable pup called Sonny. He joined our family three weeks ago and is an absolute dream. Great with the children and so affectionate too! I cant beleive how lucky we are!

LittleB Mon 01-Sep-08 21:38:57

I grew up with a golden retriever and she was lovely, I've got a nova scotia duck tolling retriever now, I'd have got another goldie but we needed something smaller. He's lovely too though! My goldie was called Willow, my toller is called Rhubarb, he's a star in our house at the mo as he came 2nd in a dog show yesterday - not the showing classes, but a fun doggy game - had to retrieve a treat with out eating it, luckily it wasn't a suasage or he'd never have wonwink. My mum also had a rescue goldie called Duke, he'd had a tough life but had a lovely lasy few years with her, he was a bit of a gentle giantsmile. Have fun with Sonny.

bamzooki Tue 02-Sep-08 23:41:52

I grew up with Goldens and sadly had to have our 15yo boy put to sleep at the weekend. The kids are devastated. He has been around for all their lives, and guarded me carefully when pg. He will be missed.

Sorry for putting a downer on the thread.
As you were.

shantistar Thu 04-Sep-08 13:58:32

bamzooki sorry to hear your news. It is devastating when your pet has to leave you. I also have a 16 year old cat and I'm dreading the day when its time for him to go. They are very much part of the family when you've had them that long. I'm just beginning to know about the unconditional love of a golden, it doesn't take long before you are well and truly hooked. My thoughts are with you. x

shantistar Thu 04-Sep-08 14:03:44

littleb - I've just arranged a training consultation to see about sonnys potential. I would love for him to be involved in PAT work or agility or something, but I guess I will have to get advice from them. Its all new to me. At the least I dream of walking Sonny on a lead successfully and coming back when I call him!!! There is a local dog show on this sunday which I would have loved to have taken him to, but unfortunately he wont be fully vaccinated by then:-(

Iklboo Thu 04-Sep-08 14:04:34

Oooh I love goldies too - but I'm a sucker for greyhounds too

georgiemum Thu 04-Sep-08 14:06:29

Remember Goldie from Blue Peter? I think these are really lovely gentle dogs. Someone near here has a lab/poodle cross and she is gorgeous.

ilovemydog Thu 04-Sep-08 14:12:34

We've got 2! shock

Both me and DP had one each before we got together...

One is great with DD, and the other not so great, and he's going to California to live with my mother sad sad sad

I grew up with Golden Retrievers, and she sensed an earthquake about 15 seconds before it happened and jumped on top of my sister right before a bookshelf came tumbling down. Lovely dog bore the brunt of the crash... (both her ans sister were fine....)

shantistar Sun 07-Sep-08 07:24:05

So funny. So I'm stood in the garden in the rain with an umbrella and he's peering out from behind the door, looking at me as if to say, why are you out there, you're getting wet!

MummyPenguin Mon 08-Sep-08 10:17:02

I have one. He's called Alfie and he's 4. He's a lovely dog, brilliant with the children. He's so cuddly too. We also have a gorgeous black Labrador too, Alfie's much more laid back than the Lab though, and more cuddley. She's very hyper and attention seeking. He's so laid back he's almost horizontal. He has funny habits, he alsways makes us laugh. He makes these noises that week call wookieing. They're like squeaks and hums and whinnying noises. He does it when he wants something, he'll look at you really intensely and 'wookie' as if he's trying to talk to you. He does it when he's asleep too, when he's dreaming, and then they're more high pitched and urgent. He has his own bed downstairs but insists on sleeping on the floor in mine and DH's room. He was making those dreaming noises last night and it sounded like he was laughing. It was funny. He loves yoghurt pots too. If you're eating a yougurt he'll sit beside you and really stare at you until you give him the empty pot to lick.

Things that drive me nuts about him - the endless moulting, I have never hoovered so much as since we've had him. And his desire to be dirty all the time and roll in anything that might turn his lovely coat from gold to black. Wouldn't be without him though.

He was a terrible chewer when he was younger, he ate the kitchen walls, bottom of kitchen units, the mattress on my bed, countless magazines and soft toys, skirting boards, nothing was really safe! Luckily he grew out of it! They are a lovely breed. I'm always a bit surprised when I hear of one that's not good with kids, but I guess there's exceptions to every breed.

shantistar Sun 21-Sep-08 07:31:59

your dogs sound great, I have a cat who just loves yoghurt pots too! Sonny doesnt know about them yet. I took him dog training yesterday which was interesting. It felt like I was receiving the training and not the dog! My head hurt after a whole hour of one to one! On the whole he is still doing very well, however, I can relate to the horizontal thing. This week was the first weeks he's been allowed out following his vaccinations. On Monday it took us 10 minutes to get out of the front door, past the driveway and onto the grass verge. He's quite weary and too interested in everything going on around to listen and follow me. I hope with practice it will get easier, as he walks perfectly both on and off the lead in the garden.

Plonker Fri 10-Oct-08 22:58:28

I have a beautiful GR who is curled up by my feet as i type grin

She is the most gentle, loving and softest dog ever. A true lady.

piratesmom Thu 16-Oct-08 21:02:53

I have a gentle giant of a golden named Fletcher. When I adopted my children, I wasn't sure how he would be, since he wasn't socialized to children. They were 1 and 3 when I brought them home. But I could not have asked for a better dog anywhere. He loves the boys completely and he is the most patient and wonderful playmate for them that there ever was. They are now 4 and 6, and the friendship between the three of them is heartwarming.

notsoseriousanymore Thu 16-Oct-08 21:08:03

My next dog will be a Goldie!

I had a black lab for 19 years (from aged 6 to 25!!! shock and I couldn't ever have another black lab as good as him, so I went for a chocie (which I now have! and he is amazing!!)

But, I'll never have another choccie either, this one is too special.

SO, my next dog is going to be a goldie!

Bamzookie - I am sorry for your loss, but please remember that 15YO for a dog, is a good age and that sometimes the best thing we can do for the pets we love is to release them from the pain. I didn't think I would be able to love another dog after my black lab, but my chocomonster has stolen my heart - he is a babe!!!

Give it time, and don't feel that you 'have' to get over it. The death of a beloved pet is just like losing a human friend or relative.

Anyway, the moral of the story is 99% of labradors are way cool!!

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