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Cat vaccination Q

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Levanna Sat 19-Feb-05 22:58:40

We have our new cat, she's purrfect! She needs to start her vaccinations from scratch as she hasn't had any in at least the last two years. When I spoke to the local vets, they mentioned the Feline Leukemia vaccine as well as the feline influenza we had been intending to give her...can anyone tell me more about the Feline Leukemia one? Do most people use this vaccine? (Also, any tips on catching/travelling/holding-for-jabs-without-losing-fingers would be fantastic! She's quite nervy, and may not have experienced this before.)

janeybops Sat 19-Feb-05 23:08:30

don't know what are cat gets jabbed for - just take her once a year! but we use a plastic cat basket that locks for transportation. line wiht newspaper as nervous cats tend to wee (and poo) in stressful situations!

miggy Sat 19-Feb-05 23:08:54

Feline leuk is a bit similar to Aids-causes blood disorders and tumours. Cats can have it for a while without showing symptoms, the vaccine will only work if the cat doesnt already have the virus. There is a blood test but most people just have the vaccs and hope for the best. Vacc wont do any harm if does have the virus.
Needs cat to cat contact to spread so more common in areas with lots of cats and cats that fight/mate/groom etc.
Really much nastier than cat flu and not much more expense on a yearly basis-I would have it personally
good luck with your new cat.
ps if its a front loading basket-feed her in backwards-that helps!

jamiesam Sat 19-Feb-05 23:18:06

Can't remember any details about Feline Leukaemia - our cat been having vaccine for around 6 years now. Like taking her in for MOT and service!

For travel - try getting her used to basket beforehand - can you feed her in it, or play with her in it? Otherwise, only experience of basket tends to be traumatic (vets and cattery). Beware of travel sickness - our cat makes a sound like a wolf before she barfs (and often poos). Also, tends to dribble like she's got rabies, and gets very sweaty paws. None of symptoms last once she's home again.

Levanna Mon 21-Feb-05 01:07:45

Thanks for the vaccine info. I think I've also worked out a cunning plan for the trip to the vets ...... let DH deal with it!

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