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Just bought our fish

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ThomCat Sat 19-Feb-05 16:17:27

For some reason I'm actually really excited!

Have got 6 neon tetra, 2 guppys and 2 mollies.

The mollies are the best - one's white and the other is black.

They've been swimming free for about 5 minutes now.

Wonder how long till we regret all this?!!

handlemecarefully Sat 19-Feb-05 22:56:17

How are they doing Thomcat?

HunkerMunker Sat 19-Feb-05 22:59:38

Oooh!!! Lovely! Mollies are fab, as are tetra and guppies. What does Lottie think of them? Where did you get them? There's a good aquarium in Iver (Evesham Centre) and also Kiln (Stanmore direction) if you need more things (bear in mind that Kiln also has hamsters, guinea pigs, rats, mice and things too - Lottie may have developed a 'taste' for pets and want more!

I'm really excited for you too! I love fish (and DS saw some for the first time in the optician the other day and he was mesmerised!).

ThomCat Sun 20-Feb-05 12:17:21

I'm so into my fish! Got up this morning, raging hangover from hell, and stumbled down to stare in at them and see how they were, and they're all great!
Lottie loving them, she sits next to the tank and puts her arms round it and kisses the glass and say's 'oh look, nemo' a lot!

I can see an addiction forming, I want more already!

ThomCat Sun 20-Feb-05 12:18:57

Oh hunker, sorry, we got them from the place in Eastcote. I'd forgotton about the kiln though, thanks for the reminder and will get myself down there.

ThomCat Sun 20-Feb-05 21:08:32

How exciting, they've had babie already! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! I've got teeny tiny babies in my tank now too, I'm SO excited!!!!!!!!!!!

handlemecarefully Mon 21-Feb-05 08:55:09

Blimey, babies! That's good going!

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