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HELP!! Just came home to find 3 new baby guinea pigs!!!

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WedgiesMum Thu 28-Aug-08 21:28:08

Got DD 2 girly piggies about 3 weeks ago. The bigger one was getting rather fat and my friend who is staying over said yesterday 'is she having babies?'. 'Noooo' says I 'she's just a bit greedy.'

Anyhoo - after coming in tonight the kids go rushing up to see the girls only to find 3 babies in there too!!!!blush

So now I am fairly adept with grown up piggies I have no idea whatcoever about the baby sort. Anyone got any advice? Should I take the other piggy out for a day or so? How long before I can rehome? How long before we can cuddle them?? Any other advice??

Many thanks!

Nat1H Thu 28-Aug-08 21:38:07

are you absolutely sure they are both girls? I don't know about guinea pigs, but male rabbits eat their young if they aren't separated!
Congratulations BTW! grin

moonmother Thu 28-Aug-08 21:41:31

Aww Congratulations

It would be a good idea to take the non mummy one out for a while, just till they get bigger(and you find out what sex they are).

Other than that, they are just little baby guinea pigs, mum will feed them for a while, she'll need extra food.Then they'll just eat the same food as mum,when they get a little bigger.

As for cuddles, I'd leave them a couple of days,hard I know grin

Rehoming at about 6 weeks, if you can bare to part with them wink

Might also be a good idea to get the other female checked, just to make sure she is a she.

WedgiesMum Thu 28-Aug-08 21:48:41


Pet shop said they were both girls and the second one is loads smaller and always is bossed around by the bigger Mummy one. And now I'm thinking that it could be another baby of the big one!! Will go to the pet shop tomorrow and have a word I think!! But I do think that it is a girl having had a good look at her bits!

Want to cuddle them now!!!!! They are so sweet. My Friend has offered to take a couple, but I think we will try to keep at least one!

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