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We've just got a new cat and are arguing about names...

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overthehill Wed 27-Aug-08 22:24:28

...she's black with brown splodges and a thin pale stripe down her face(tortoiseshell, I think you'd call her) and looks quite exotic, so we're racking our brains for a suitable name. DH has suggested things like Treacle, but dd objects to that kind of name, & we don't want anything too common/boring. Any suggestions - as imaginative as possible! - gratefully received!

bella29 Thu 28-Aug-08 08:47:25


Sorry, it's early....

McDreamy Thu 28-Aug-08 08:48:40


PuppyMonkey Thu 28-Aug-08 08:48:53

I'd go for Sharon... grin

overthehill Thu 28-Aug-08 22:35:32

Errmm...still don't think anyone's quite hit the nail on the head, although I quite like Inca as it fits the 'exotic' requirement. Mumble & Jemima are quite nice names but probably not distinguished enough, but as for Sharon ... we do have friends with a cat called Wayne, but it wasn't really quite the sort of name we had in mind.

So come on, folks, let's have a few more ideas as this poor moggy can't remain name-less for ever!

DisplacementActivity Thu 28-Aug-08 22:43:13

Message withdrawn

reginaphilangy Thu 28-Aug-08 22:43:44


Bowddee Thu 28-Aug-08 22:48:18

Calliope - one of the Greek Muses

3andnomore Thu 28-Aug-08 22:52:22

well, we will be getting a little cat girl soon and have already decised that she will be called Ziva (pronounced Zee-vah), after a character from NCIS, lol!

here some more suggestions:

overthehill Thu 28-Aug-08 23:01:32

DA - what do you mean by 'proper' names? Names like Felix, Mog and Kitty?? And how do you pronounce Naira? - might be a possibility as she certainly does have big eyes. Thanks for the ideas, 3&NM; Tallulah or Mocha might fit. I wondered about Shiva, & I suppose Calliope is along the same lines. So, that's a few more to suggest to the troops. Any more takers?

Bowddee Thu 28-Aug-08 23:04:31


Elk Thu 28-Aug-08 23:05:04

Hatshepsut (1st queen of Egypt I think)

SheSellsSeashellsByTheSeashore Thu 28-Aug-08 23:08:39

my sister likes to name cats after the musical when our cat had kittens we had
jenny any dots
mr mostofalies <could change mr to mrs>
gizmo <not from the cats musical that one was named by me>
buster fer jones
rum tum tugger

i have a
jack daniels <was jd for short is now jax>
maximus decimus aurillus <max or maxy>

we have also had a sophie, lucy <later changed to lucifer due to evilness> and topsy.

what are your fave films? think along tthe lines of that, or your fave drinks.

overthehill Thu 28-Aug-08 23:12:50

My ds has just been Lancelot in a play-in-a-week, so Guinevere would certainly be topical! Hermione - people would think of Harry Potter, I think, Persephone - could be one to add to the list, Hatshepsut - maybe a bit too exotic ... I did suggest Nefertiti, but that didn't go down well. Splodge - much too undistinguished; Naomi & Ruth: not very keen here on names that are too common with humans.

3andnomore Thu 28-Aug-08 23:14:37

oh Shva sounds great...but then, it sounds like Ziva a bit, so, no surprise

how about:

3andnomore Thu 28-Aug-08 23:15:12

Shiva even

3andnomore Thu 28-Aug-08 23:16:00

Hula is kinda cute, too

overthehill Thu 28-Aug-08 23:18:15

SSSBTS, I did suggest Macavity, but that went down like a lead balloon, and I wondered about Sophia - quite distinguished. I also thought maybe some constellation as she's quite dark, but most seemed to have male names. Films are a good idea: I'll have a look at the DVDs on the shelf & see if I get any inspiration from them.

piratecat Thu 28-Aug-08 23:18:20

i once had a girl cat called Ziggy

Rula (as in Lenska)!!


Bowddee Thu 28-Aug-08 23:22:42

My mum has a Macavity & a Mungojerry.

Mine are Columbine Bumtrinket and Harlequin Bogwopit.

piratecat Thu 28-Aug-08 23:24:36

my step dad and his sister's family cat (when they were kids) was called Scrappy sneaktray.

alwyas makes me grin

overthehill Thu 28-Aug-08 23:25:14

I quite like names with unusual letters such as v, x & z as somehow they sound more exotic, & I do like Topaz & Shiva because of that. (Pedantic) dh discounted Shiva as he's a male god, & I suspect Lucifer would be similarly rejected. Suki's a good cat name so I'll add that to the list of possibles; not Maya as there are at least 2 at ds's school, one of whom will be in his class next year (ie next week - gulp!) and Toyah has to go as I think of Toyah Wilcox.

SheSellsSeashellsByTheSeashore Thu 28-Aug-08 23:25:47

other female pets i have had were
mizz <rat>
roo <gerbil>
star <rabbit>
shera <dog>
zara <dog>
pretty titch <dog>
wednesday <bird>
polo <ferrit>
myra <dog, dont ask she came with the name it stuck>

my family home may as well have been a zoo my father couldnt say no when we asked for pets. i used to be good at naming them but am stuck now.

what about tortious, nala, mulan, ariel, skye, cha cha, luna?

overthehill Thu 28-Aug-08 23:27:45

Sorry, it can't be Mungo Jerry as I'm a child of the 70s & it just reminds me of being 13!! However, Harlequin's a possibility as her markings are definitely harlequinny (if that's a word!).

LaVida Thu 28-Aug-08 23:28:10

I am very keen on name generators so...

Here's a cat one

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