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Brother cats - ones a bully...........

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runtus Thu 17-Feb-05 11:57:02

We have two brothers, Stan and Ollie. Ollie is bigger but more reserved while Stan is the smaller but more 'in your face'. Since they were kittens (18 months old now)Stan has always kind of bullied Ollie into letting him eat first etc.

This has now escalated to the point where we hardly ever see Ollie becuase Stan chases him out of the house and stares at him th whole time he is in.

Is there anything we can do to change the territory pattern (which I think is the cause, along with Stan just being more dominant)so Ollie can at least sleep in the house overnight?

I hate to think of him out there in the cold...

expatinscotland Thu 17-Feb-05 11:59:21

First and foremost, neuter them both if you haven't already.

You can also bring Ollie in and lock him (or Stan) in a room at night.

I've found using a small spray bottle of water (NEVER spray in a cat's face, only at his body) very effective at correcting ill behaviour. If the cat just looks at you and licks the water off, add a bit of vinegar to it.

runtus Thu 17-Feb-05 12:15:22

Thanks expat - all help appreicated!

They were both neutered as soon as we could, in the hope they would lose a bit of their rivalry but it made no difference at all! They walked back in the house as if nothing had changed...that was about a year ago and since then Ollie has pretty much become an outdoors cat and Stan is indoors 95% of the time.

I do tell Stan off when he does it but I was hoping to be able to alter the relationship so they get on, rather than punish one or the other. Am I living in dreamland?!

I did throw Stan out the other day and let Ollie have 20 mins in the house on his own.......but he didn't really want to stay in becuase I rthink he sees the house as Stan's territory, as Stan does.

Oh god!

expatinscotland Thu 17-Feb-05 12:39:00

I think Stan might learn more from a spray bottle of water. Our female can be pretty brutal to our male at times (they are both indoors only cats), but nowadays all I have to do is show her the bottle and she stops whatever it was she was doing.

Bella23 Thu 17-Feb-05 12:57:26

I have two brothers who thankfully get on. I lock them in the house at night (have always done this as it avoids foxes, fights with other cats etc) and because I sleep better knowing they are safe and sound - yes I know, I'm a complete softy! We have a toolbox we put in front of their catflap and leave a litter tray out just in case (which they never use)
Anyway they are in a routine now where they know they have to come in about 10 - 10.30. Is there any chance you could do this or would there be fighting in the house? Just thought it might break the cycle of Ollie feeling like he can't come in.

runtus Thu 17-Feb-05 13:00:22

We have tried that but he just crys all night or San chases him around for hours on end.....

I might try the water bottle thing though, he def would not like that and if I can teach him not to do it, while we are in at least, then all the better for Ollie.

Thanks for the advice!

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