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Thinking of getting a kitten - need advice...

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mamachat Tue 19-Aug-08 08:37:36

I am thinking of getting a kitten as i have got mice and want to get rid of them, also think dd 13months would love a pet.

But before I make a decision I would like to no all good and bad points about kittens as I know very little about them (I have always had dogs as a kid).

Some houses I went to smell really bad of cats and some you do not notice a cat even lives there... So need advice on how to keep them clean...

Where I live at the moment there is no way of fitting a cat flap but I will not be here forever so hopefully next place will be better...

Also may flat is quite small so worried it is not big enough for a cat, and worried about it destroying my expensive leather sofa.

Any advice welcome...

kitsmummy Tue 19-Aug-08 08:49:35

I wouldn't bother if I was you. I love cats but it sounds like you want one to rid the place of mice etc, as opposed to really "wanting" a cat. Can't you get pest control in instead? Also, a flat with no cat flap is not a good place for a cat, you'll need a litter tray permanently, the place will stink of cat shit etc. Ref the cat smells, some cats are total nightmares and will wee in the house (it's almost impossible to get rid of that smell out of carpets etc) and some cats are good as gold, you never can tell. Would leave it until the time comes when you're in a more cat friendly set up and want the cat purely as a pet.

missingtheaction Tue 19-Aug-08 08:54:08

agree with kitsmummy. indoor cats are quite hard work - cat litter tray, furniture getting scratched etc etc. unless you are doolally about them don't bother. Get a nice humane mousetrap instead. Much cheaper!

geordieminx Tue 19-Aug-08 09:05:38

I have always had cats - currently have 1 old boy who we got from the CPL, you would hardly know he is here, doesnt need litter tray sleeps in his bed or outside all day.

A week ago I "acquired" a couple of kittens - very cute and sweet and lovely. Unfortunately I lasted 2 days before I had to take them to a friend who fosters for the CPL.

They destroyed wool rug, climbed and sharpened their claws on leather sofa, played in the litter tray - litter from one end of the house to the other, and really - they stank so so bad. I have a 15 month old ds and was really concerned that he would end up getting poorly with having the litter tray about all the time. sad

I was very sad to see them go but as somone who has cats all her life, whos mum has 4 I was still unprepared for the amount of work 2 kittens would take. Certainly wouldnt have thought about it if I had been in a flat.

Also there is no guarentee that the cat will get rid of mice - some dont chase them.. some will kill them and eat them, some will chase them, injure them and allow them to trail blood and whatever else all around your flat. Sorry.

mamachat Tue 19-Aug-08 09:39:29

ok, sounds like it is probably not the best idea then, as I say have never had a cat, but always wanted one, so do no really know all that is envolved in looking after one...

Bubbaloo Tue 19-Aug-08 10:54:07

I agree with the others and really wouldn't get a kitten,being in a flat and with the cat having no access to outside space.
We've always had cats and although the house doesn't smell,it would do if the litter tray wasn't cleaned so often.We also have 2 young ds's who love our cats but most cats aren't too keen on young children and most of the time they will hide and run off to get away from them.
We also have a ds who loves putting everything in his mouth,so I need to constantly watch that he's not touching the litter tray and as soon as the cats have eaten I have to remove their bowls,otherwise he'd eat their food too and then there's the cat hairs.I vacuum everyday and if I didn't he would have cat hairs all over his hands while he's crawling,which isn't nice.
Cats are great and make lovely pets,but please wait til you have a bigger home with a garden-it will make life alot easier.

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