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Rehoming a 6 month old puppy, how do I house train her quickly? and other questions!

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somebodyhelpme Fri 15-Aug-08 10:18:48

well as above really, I am rehoming my friends chalkie puppy, she is 6 months old, and is not house trained. I have had a dog before, but from 8weeks, have never tried to train an older puppy, will it be harder, as she has lernt its ok to wee/poo in the house? has anyone used a downloadable book on dog training, have found acouple from America, also how much exersice will she need? have only had large dogs in the past, and 1 last question for now, how would I start crate training her? Sorry for all the questions, but have no idea with an older puppy blushThanks any advice would be fab!!!!

hercules1 Fri 15-Aug-08 10:20:35

I expect it will be hard as even if she had been house trained she probably would regress anyway having moved home and will probably regress again once rehomed once more.

Backgammon Fri 15-Aug-08 10:22:18


Our dog was about 6/7 months old when we got her from the rescue and wasn't house trained.

We did find it fairly easy - just made sure we let her outside as often as possible (say every half an hour, though obv not at night).
When she went we would give her lots of praise and a treat. Our dog is so food-focused within a short amount of time she was almost forcing herself to go to the toilet whenever she went out just to get the treat! She did have the occasional accident but we focused on praising when she got it right rather than chastising her when she had an accident.

Good luck.

Mamazon Fri 15-Aug-08 10:24:42

get a great big cat litter tray.
if she wets in teh house mop it up and keep a small amount of the tissue and place at the bottom of the litter tray.

make sure the urine is cleaned fully from where she went and maybe get some pet odor neutraliser for teh area.

next time you feed her make sure you watch her carefully, if she starts sniffing around the floor put her into the litter tray, she will smell herself and go (hopefully inside, if not just beside) the litter tray.

once she has got the point of going to the tray you can move it closer and closer to the door until she is going in teh back yard - if that is what you want her to do.

Otherwise you can use it until she is old enough to only hold on until walkies.

If you want her to wait then you will firstly need to walk her within a couple of minutes of her being fed and not come back until she has been...making a huge fuss of her once she has.

you can then choose when to feed her depending on when you are able to walk her. but try and keep to roughly the same time of day each day.

somebodyhelpme Fri 15-Aug-08 10:30:53

Thanks, really appretiate the help, great suggestions so far, although not sure about another litter tray, we have one for our cats, that I struggle to keep ds5 out of already! grin

clumsymum Fri 15-Aug-08 10:44:12

I did this with a 2 year old dog, it took us 3 weeks !!

I DON'T recommend the litter tray approach. You want them to do it outside, take her outside. By 6 months, she's got the bladder control to wait.

Just make sure you take her outside at VERY frequent regular intervals, it doesn't have to be a walk, out in the garden is fine. Stay out there with her until she wees/dumps, and praise her like crazy for doing it in the right place.

In the house, keep her with you all the time. As soon as she makes a move to squat, grab her, say brightly "outside" and get her out there QUICKLY. When she has done it out there, praise again.
Make sure you watch her. She will start to move towards the door when she needs to go out. Make sure that as soon as she even looks at the door, you open it for her. She'll learn to tell you when she needs to go out quite soon.

If you see her having an accident in the house, sayy a sharp NO and put her out. Then clean up, using a biological detergent to get rid of her smell.

If you find a cold old accident, it's pointless to chastise her. She'll have no idea what you are talking about.

The key really is giving her the attention at first, and giving her every opportunity to do it in the right place, seeing her before she does it in the wrong place.

Good Luck

clumsymum Wed 20-Aug-08 16:44:09

how is it going?

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