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hardworker Tue 12-Aug-08 22:48:26

Does anyone know anything about these pls?

Male and female aprox 20month old HUGE difference in the sizes (little one just never grew. Big one (female)has started to bite the little one including snapping at the head.

Any ideas what would cause this?
Any info apreciated thankyou, as I am looking after them for a friend for a few weeks. I have contacted her and she says this has never happened before as far as she is aware.

BoysAreLikeDogs Tue 12-Aug-08 22:52:07

Pardon my ignorance, but WTF is a slider ?

Some kind of snail?

Seperate them if you can, as you would any animals that are not Getting On.

Good luck.

hardworker Tue 12-Aug-08 22:59:52

They are water turtles. I wouldn't have a clue either about the name, I only know because it's written in front of me. I have seperated them for now, at least until my friend gets back as I dont fancy telling her one killed the other while they were away.
Just wondered if anyone here knew anything about them and could possibly shed some light on the matter.
No idea what age they start to mate either and if that could possibly be the cause??

BoysAreLikeDogs Tue 12-Aug-08 23:03:15



Friendly bump for you, hope someone can help

hardworker Tue 12-Aug-08 23:08:54

It can be a worry when someone else trusts you with their animals. I have had them 3 times before and never had a problem.

Piglet111 Sat 16-Aug-08 00:16:31

I have 2 male RES. The males are smaller than females and have longer claws which are used for a mating dance (our two boys do this to one another blush).

Perhaps read up a bit more online about them? This is a great site

Is he trying to mate her a lot? She might be getting fed up with it if he is. I can't think what else it could be as our two get on really well apart from the odd scrap over food but even then they don't go for one another they just try to steal from each other.

hardworker Sat 16-Aug-08 00:46:23

Hi Piglet
thanks for the link i'll check it out and pass to my friend when she gets back.
As far as i'm aware they have never fought before, but, when I say difference in size, I mean HUGE difference. Big one is size of a small saucer and the little one is smaller than the size of 2 fifty pence pieces, it just never grew altho healthy so...

to your two doing the mating dance together.

So what age can they start to mate?

Weegiemum Sat 16-Aug-08 00:48:36

I thought the title said spiders and wondered how you went about finding a spider's ears.

Its late, I should go to bed!

hardworker Sat 16-Aug-08 00:54:21

Weegiemum :0

I can tell you right now there is NO way i'd be looking after her spiders. She can do that one herself. LOL


hardworker Sat 16-Aug-08 19:13:05

Just to say that I have introduced the little one back in with the other one and at the moment they are sitting side by side on their log enjoying the last bit of daylight we have. I'm planning a night in front of the telly so I will be able to keep an eye on them and see how it goes.

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