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What is a reasonable length of time to wait for a vet to send a claim form off to the insurers

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saltire Fri 08-Aug-08 09:50:16

We had the pup at the specialist vet place last Thursday (31st july) to get the frame taken off his foot, he had to get an x-ray and a sedation. The total cost of this was £350. The insurers have already paid out over £2,500 to this place for the work they did. The limit hasn't been reached and the vets said to fill in our part of the form and they would fill in the rest and send it off for us.
It still hasn't been sent in to petplan, and we are currently £350 down, even if it gets sent in today or tomorrow it will be monday before it's looked at and up to 5 days to be processed and then at least another 5-7 days before the cheque clears in our account.
How long is a reasonable amount of time to wait before I call the vets and ask if they have snet it off yet?

bella29 Sun 10-Aug-08 18:47:24

Any luck yet, Saltire? I've (thankfully) no experience of insurance claims (yet...) but good luck!

saltire Mon 11-Aug-08 19:32:02

Apparently the insurance company recieved it on Saturday, but for some reason they are assessing it until the 21sthmm. last claims took 2 days to assess

bella29 Tue 12-Aug-08 09:25:30

Huh? Can I be really cheeky & ask who your insurers are?

saltire Tue 12-Aug-08 09:39:37

I'm wondering if they are taking so long because it is a continuation of treatment claim. Thye have already paid out a lot of money, and I've only made one Direct debit payment

bella29 Thu 14-Aug-08 09:40:13

They're usually quite good about paying, aren't they (or so I've heard). It must be because it's a continuation as you say. How is the puppy's paw now anyway?

saltire Thu 14-Aug-08 09:47:25

His paw is great. The frame is,a s Is aid off,a dn he ahs a couple of small wounds, which ahve healed up. He still isn't allowed o long wlaks, or walks off the lead where he can run around for at least another 2 weeks, to give the muscles time to build up. He has a cut on the pad of his paw though, which he has obviously got from walking outside, as he hadn't done so for about 6 weeks.
Petplan have posted a cheque off, they did it on monday so i should get it today

bella29 Thu 14-Aug-08 09:57:09

Glad he's on the mend, assuming the cut on his pad isn't too bad. You've had a real run of bad luck, haven't you? I hope that's over with & you can get on with enjoying him now.

All the best!

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