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Dogs sniff bums because.....

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Levanna Fri 11-Feb-05 01:04:29

The dogs, they held a meeting,
they came from near and far,
some, they came by aeroplane,
and some by motorcar.

Just inside the village hall,
they all did stop and look,
and each one took his ar$ehole off,
and hung it on a hook.

In they went, and all sat down,
every mother, son and sire,
but hardly were they seated,
when some b@stard shouted "FIRE"!

Up the jumped, all in a rush,
not one did stop and look,
so each one grabbed an ar$ehole,
off of anybody's hook.

That's the reason why,
a dog will leave a bone,
to go and sniff another dog's ar$e;
to see if it's his own!

joash Fri 11-Feb-05 01:06:06

PMSL - just emailed this to DH at work, thanks for the laugh.

Levanna Fri 11-Feb-05 01:09:53

Carla Fri 11-Feb-05 06:36:26

My dog obviously thinks he owns a human ar$e then. Why??? Mine's not all white and furry fgs - at least it wasn't when I last checked

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